OPPOSE the proposed dog ban on Mornington Peninsula's back beaches

Parks Victoria is proposing to impose further restrictions on dogs on the beaches within Mornington Peninsula National Park.
Acting at the behest of a small number of activists, Parks Victoria have snuck the proposal in over winter, without consulting the community at large. The proposal could mean that dogs are banned from their favourite beaches for good.
Parks Victoria has relied on misleading information to justify the petition.  They say that the ban is necessary to protect the hooded plover.  They say that in 2007-2008, dogs were "implicated" in 18% of hooded plover nest and chick failures. 
FACT: In 2007-2008, of 95 nests and 18 chicks, dogs were "implicated" in only 6 nest failures and 3 chick failures. DOGS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM AND BANNING DOGS IS NOT THE SOLUTION!
Since 2007-2008, hooded plover numbers in the Mornington Peninsula area have increased, and at last count, they were at an all time high.  The "problem" Parks Victoria is seeking to "address" does not exist.
As things presently stand, dogs are allowed only on some beaches only before 9am and only on a leash.  Dogs are already subject to far too many restrictions on Mornington Peninsula's beaches.  This proposal is an unjustifiable campaign by a small number of crusaders with a vendetta against dogs and dog owners.  Dogs love nothing more than a walk along the beach: it is good for their health, it allows them to work off adrenaline, and the beaches are a place where dogs and dog-owners can come together and socialise.  Don't let Parks Victoria shut out man's best  friend from this much-loved pasttime! Your dog would always stand up for you...it's time for you to stand up for your dog!

Dear State Government

We oppose any further restrictions on dogs in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

Imposing further restrictions on dogs in the Park is totally unjustified. The research shows that hooded plovers are prolific elsewhere in Australia. The threats facing the small number of hooded plovers nesting in the region of the Park are predominantly threats that have nothing to do with dogs. Mornington Peninsula's beaches are for families as well as for wildlife and we do not support banning a much loved family activity when there is no evidence to suggest this will help the protection of wildlife in the Park.

Kind regards

We, the petitioners.

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