Legalize Marijuana In Tennessee End Prohibition End Mass Incarceration

WE NEED SAFE ACCESS TO MARIJUANA End Mass Incarceration For Marijuana! Legalize, & Decriminalize On State Levels Tennessee still a ground zero for prescription pills & and the big pharmaceuticals. @Governor Bill Haslam for 7 years let a deadly opioids crisis spiral far out of control and the DEA, TBI, FDA, state and federal officials must end prohibition of marijuana. The war on drugs has cost countless loss of life and ruint over millions of peoples lives. Prosecuting and persuing people for possesion of the plant that is safer then alcohol, tylenol and tobacco is unacceptable. & And a waste our resources!

Recent polls, and surveys indicate people are ready for legal marijuana now more then ever;


People favor marijuana legalization now more then ever. Its time to end the failed drug war!?

Please join me in spreading the message to the politicans, elected officials in volunteer state, & the local, state and federal government. Time to act is now on drug policy reforms, and then removing marijuana from the prohibition era controlled substance ACT passed by Nixon.

Democrats, Republicans, all politicans the time of big pharmacueticals has come to an end & ERA of medical mairjuana is upon our states.

There have been several bills drafted and put into "sub committes" we need a VOTE on the house and senate floor of Tennessee NOW!

As Candidates for governor are bleak on their stance on medical marijuana. & I know though we should embrace any one with any positions favoring it "under treatment by your physcian" however TN GOP,  the republicans have held a NEGATIVE stance for Marijuana for decades.

Its going to take campaigning by citizens of our state. Local activism, petitions & and tons of phonecalls, lettors, & complaints too the @-TN (prohibiton era, war on drugs) representatives currently the Majority in house & and senate.

TENNESSEE is a no ballot initiative state as most of the other states that have legalized marijuana by gathering petitions and having questions placed on their election ballots.

THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE VOLUNTEER STATE OF TENNESSEE CALL ON THE GOVERNOR, & AND OFFICIALS ON STATE, LOCAL LEVELS TO BEGIN TO DECRIMINALIZE, LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. To long people have suffered under this oppression while you let the pharmacy industry create this national health CRISIS; -Tennessee still arrest their citizens for possesion of any marijuana as the schedule 1 drug same as LSD, and Herione. Outrageous; THIS MARIJUANA WAR ENDS @2018! -United States Citizens 🇺🇸 & The People Have Spoken. Listen! SIGNATURES PETITION; TN Governor, DEA, FBI, Health & And The Human Services Secretary Federal Government Dept Of Justice. Attorney General Herbert Slatery SR. & @U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- The President -Donald John Trump; United States America.

A war on drugs is a war on american people. The pharma, tobacco and alcohol industries have been allowed to thrive, flourish and while thousands to millions suffered from addiction and health complications due too substances. Marijuana is the ONLY "controlled substance" that has NEVER caused a single death. We all have been lied to for to long. And it ends NOW!

Prescription pills, alcohol & tobacco are #1 in leading overdose & and health complications. ALL of the "Deadly" 3 kill hundreds, thousands and many other people who rely, or addicted end up with serious life threatening illness.

United States owns the patten to marijuana.

Reasons to legalize, regulate and to cultivate;

  • Lower crime rates, prevents absurb marijuana, "drug charges" from being placed on someones background. And allows law enforcement to focus, solve real crimes against all of the american people!
  • Tax revenue potential in the billions $ and ending drug cartels, and all while bringing thousands of jobs too our state Tennessee.
  • Funding for education, transportation, and other state and local agencies and then hopefully more drug treatment facilities.
  • Ending mass incarceration for marijuana and the overwhelmed justice systems.
  • Helps people with debilitating disease and mental illness, health conditons.

Please help me by SHARING, and SIGNING! We must act now. & As more die every single day.

My story; Being charged with misdemeanors & having my background tarnished forever while serving jail time, & and undergoing 365 days of probation changed my views, and perception of our failed justice system and the failed war on marijuana and drugs while our loyal & trusted politicans, pharmacuetical and alcohol, tobacco companies profit $ billions of dollars in revenue while our lives are destroyed and friends, family and our loved ones suffering from affects from the deadly 3 all of which are legal and cause hundred thousands of deaths! Marijuana saves lives, I have PTSD, anxiety and bipolar mood disorders. And suffer from chronic pain due to a metal rod, & 9 screws in my right leg from major fractures. Have been through cancer battles with 2 of my uncles as they slowly died and there hurt bodies shut down from liver, and throat cancer. They had went through countless treatments and both were prescribed a copias amount of prescription medications including opioids, which only helped to a small extent due to debilitating disease. & And @Marijuana gave both comfort, and then eased their immense suffering and helped them both pass away in those final days and, then died in peace.

3 REASONS MARIJUANA REFORM IS HARD IN TENNESSEE. As TN goes by federal legislation and Marijuana is a @schedule1 substance with NO proven medical values in same catagorey as herione LSD(Acid). TIME TO RESCHEDULE

  • Big pharmacueticals have a tight grip on Tennessee residents and our politicans with large money campaign donations and would lose billions to marijuana.
  • Tennessee makes more money arrests, for profit jails, repeat offenders for these non violent simple possesion charges!
  • Tennessee is home to a thriving alcohol and tobacco industry that would suffer when medical marijuana is legalized.


Update #41 years ago
We must act now faster then ever. Justice department AG Jeff Sessions has declared a war on medical marijuana. Tennessee continues to ignore the will of the majority. Elected officials are on the wrong side of history. Remember when its time for midterm elections. We need legalization now more then ever as the war on drugs continues raging out of control. Legalize marijuana now!
Update #31 years ago
We must take a stand now. The war on drugs continues to turn deadly and the government is waging a war on their own people. Politicans lobbied the pharmacuetical industry and took in large sums of money as campaign donations. Its time to decriminalize, legalize marijuana in TN and stop arresting, prosecuting people for possession of a substance safer then TYLENOL. The opioid epidemic was created by our very own government. We are their lab rat. #LegalizeIT
Update #21 years ago
We must fight now more then ever. Politicians are allowing big pharma to fuel a nationwide opioid crisis and health emergency. For to long we have been mislead on Marijuana and ro had our lives tarnished forever. Help me by signing and sharing the petition. END THE DRUG WAR NOW. Those same politicians should resign immediately and take responsibility for their deadly ACTIONS!
Update #11 years ago
My petition has reached over 1,000 people already. Its time to end the failed war on marijuana and help lower crime rates, curb the opioid, herion health emergency & and focus on dangerous crime and serious offenders. Its time to legalize marijuana in TN. Sign and share far and wide! For to long we have been mislead as the pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco industry gets richer every day!
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