Demand the European Union Protect people & farm animals from fatal MRSA outbreaks!

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: European Union, Environmental Protection Agency and Dept. of Agriculture

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium that affects various parts of the body through infection. MRSA is difficult to treat in both humans and animals because it is resistant to most commonly used antibiotics. Such a problem is highly prevalent in mega-farms worldwide with the strain of infection found in hog farms in the Netherlands, Germany and other areas.

Many of these farm animals are routinely injected with antibiotics despite the fact that they will eventually be a food source for humans. But food safety is not the only factor to consider when observing the deplorable, crowded conditions these poor animals exist in. Such conditions are disease havens where the animals must live in their own contaminated waste. They are subjected to a daily antibiotic regimen just to keep them alive. MRSA most definitely is a widespread concern amongst livestock and other farm animals. Frequently, farmers contract a variation of MRSA which is easily passed on from animals to farmers and thereby to other humans.

MRSA is frequently found in the vicinity of pigs — not just MRSA ST398 the specific resistant variety that was first identified in pig farmers in the Netherlands in 2004. MRSA continues to be a problem for anyone associated on or near these crowded facilities.

Please sign and share this petition in an effort to demand the European Union protect people and farm animals from dangerous, fatal MRSA outbreaks! We must ask the EU to set better regulations regarding crowded pig and cattle farms where the infection could become fatal.

European Union, Environmental Protection Agency and Dept. of Agriculture -

Please incorporate better regulations regarding the conditions and health of all animals on these disgusting, overly crowded farms, especially the pig farms. Because of the horrific conditions, the animals are being forced to live in their own wastes. This exponentially increases the chance for the animals to contract MRSA. As you may know, MRSA is highly contagious to the animals and those who care for them. I urge you to implement strict regulations that should include guidelines for proper animal housing facilities and periodic health inspections to ensure the animals and humans are safe. And if the farms do not comply, I urge you to close them down so humans and animals are kept safe!

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