Demand an end to Horse drawn carriage tours in Downtown Nashville, NOW!

It was a nice day, Went to the farmers market in downtown nashville with my family, All in all the day was going GREAT ! On our way out we decided to drive through downtown, The traffic is always pretty bad, but we didn't mind. As we were siting at a light one of horse and carriage tours came behind us, like a car in traffic. The women steering it had stopped a little further behind us so that she could sit in the shade, The horse on the other had was standing rite in the sun . It's legs shaking, He looked to be in tremendous pain, and very uncomfortable. Now people (mostly tourist) pay to ride in a "nice" buggie to get tours or just just a nice night out it is very popular, Seeing the same horse at times work for Hours a pond end just to do so, It breakdown my heart, These animals are born and raised to do this JOB, woth nothing in return, Other than hurt feet, and Aching legs. For what? To show people around town. I have never done this, And never will. That day that poor horse looked me in my eyes following behind us for a good 10 minuets at people honk and mad because clearly it is not a vehicle and goes slower than one. I could see the fear and hurt and tiredness in its eyes. I just wanted to break down rite there. It was so sad. Starring at me as if it was screaming for HELP! I would like for everyone to PLEASE sign this, Please help be a part of getting these poor, loving animals off of the streets in Downtown Nashville. And back to where they belong, in a huge open field, Where they can live the rest of their lifes happy and make sure we Never have to see them hurting again! Please help me, Please help THEM.
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