Stop the torturous killing of Leopard in Indian villages!!! WHO IS THE BEAST HERE???

  • by: Sanjana Sebastian
  • target: Shri Sharad Pawar (Hon'ble Union Minister for Agriculture) , Shri Meneka Gandhi
One Leopard versus a mob with sticks and weapons , how does it sound??

.A leopard in Faridabad, Haryana, lynched to death by an angry mob and another near Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, was paraded by a mob after being beaten. These are not isolated incidents.More and more such incidents are happening , 


Across the country incidents of leopards coming into conflict with humans are on the rise. As mobs vent anger on a helpless animal.

Karthik Satyanarayan said, "Despite the presence of police all we needed was space. People just took law in their hands. It is completely irresponsible and I think those responsible should be identified and punished as this was not a way of getting revenge or self-defence. They attacked a helpless animal."

In Bhubaneshwar too it was a similar story. Beaten with sticks, the leopard that strayed into Gandarpur village, was hung from a building. And then taken on a victory parade by its killers.
How heroic is it to brutally kill a speechless animal with all the advancement in science and technology ? which era do we live in??Where are all these incidents leading us?
Is it time for project Leopard yet????

Time to wake up guys!!! We steal their homes ,the forests ; destroy wildlife ,our greed is endless. We kill them for fashion,  decoration, luxury and money. For us, its just another animal , for them its their life!!!!

We request the government official anyone and everyone who has anythin to do with environment, forest and animals. Please , take appropriate action,

1. Set up independant  units with adequate resources with forest officials who can come  , rescue the animal and take control over the situation.
2. Severe punishment to the  people who were identified and  police officials who shamelessly stood with the mob and watched the whole torture. 
3. Encourage and support awareness through media and newspapers amongst local public , so  that right actions would be taken and wildlife can be preserved. 

Please sign and show your support .

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