Bring us Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire to the 3ds

Hello Nintendo fans and video game geeks. 2013 will mark the 10th anniversary of when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire debuted for the Gameboy Advance back in 2003. Now that we have a new handheld system by Nintendo the "Nintendo 3DS" we need a new or at least some major Pokemon RPG game made for this new Nintendo system. What a remarkable way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pokmeon Ruby and Sapphire, then updated and upgraded remade versions exclusively compatible on the Nintendo 3DS. The games should be in 3D, full high scale and indepth quality and changed story dynamics that makes you feel like your adapting in game. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire was set in beautiful majestic land of "HOENN" where you had either a young boy trainer named Brendan or a girl trainer named May set out on their Pokemon adventure. Which will you choose as your starter Pokemon? Will it be TREECKO the grass type? Will it be TORCHIC the fire type starter? Or? Will it be MUDKIP the water type starter? As your collect pokemon, battle them, and train to be a Pokemon master. With your favorit reminicent Hoenn Pokemon, experience Hoenn in way like you've never experienced the place before then the originals. I'm calling upon Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Japan and the Pokemon Company to contemplate the idea and settling the issue of completing generation V with remade installments of Pokmeon Ruby and Sapphire on the Nintendo 3DS upgraded system. Which version will you play? Ruby? Sapphire? or both? Encounter Team Magma and Team Aqua on your adventure as you keep your promise to Professor Birch to fulfill your National Dex of over 600 pokemon continuing from Pokemon Black 1-2 and White versions 1-2. Tell your friends, your family, your siblings. Even someone who's never played Pokemon before. Remakes of Ruby and Sapphire could be their first game ever. Thank you for hearing my opinion and support of this petition. Quickly sign the petition. I need over 1,000 for Nintendo to respond. LETS GET BACK TO HOENN AGAIN!!!! Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes ONLY on the Nintendo 3DS. Thank you

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