Turn OCAS into a 'No Kill' Shelter then turn State of FL to 'No Kill'

  • by: Alana Tassi
  • target: City Commissioner Patty Sheehan & Mayor Buddy Dyer

This petition will clean up our City in more ways then one. It is a fact that majority of animal abuse/neglect that has been reported but never followed up on typically consists of other criminal acts existing with the abuser such as child/human abuse, illegal possession of items such as drugs, weapons, dog fighting, human trafficing, serial crimes, etc. all from a report of animal cruelty that the city did not take serious. We are asking both the City Commissioner and City Mayor to stop 'kill' shelters in the City of Orlando. We will start here and continue city by city and then eventually make Florida a 'no kill' State and then use the outline state by state to establish 'no kill' shelters throughout our country. We are asking initially for longer timeframes for the animals before being euthanized. Every animal to have a minimum of 14 days unless the animal is considered a danger to the public. We are asking for kill shelters to properly screen the people turning in the animal with more strict guidelines before taking the animal in. i.e. did they try to rehome animal before coming to the shelter, screening the person properly to dig deeper if they are the true owner and having written documentation and ID and whereabouts of all the people who turn in an animal. If possible to have a city officer assigned to the shelter handling the animal turn-ins and conducting the questionaire. We ask that we fine people who are not certified breeders that breed animals and do not have a license to do so. All breeders to be licensed with only a certain number of licenses to be issued per each city/state. A certified breeder must pass a series of tests including written exam, background check, home inspection, and pay a initial and costly license fee and a relicense fee every year with a continuing education exam every 2 years. Should a person buy an animal from anyone other then a licensed breeder who is certified by the city/state they should face a monetary fine and/or potential misdemeanor with possible jail time. Anyone not spaying or neutering their animal who is not a licensed breeder shall face a fine and/or jail time which should be reported by all licensed veterinarians. Veterninarians to face fines, misdemeanor, jail time, and licensure loss for not following guidelines and reporting individuals who are not in compliance. All mix breeds that a breeder may not deal with will be purchased from animal shelters. Therefore the only way to obtain an animal is through a breeder who deals with a particular breed or mix breed, through a pet store, or an animal shelter. We ask for a limit on pet stores selling felines and canines and to pay much higher licensing fees in order to do so. Veterinarians will be obligated to obtain a bill of sale from a certified breeder, animal shelter, or pet store in order to perform any type of veterinarian services on the animal. Bill of sale is to be verified by veterinarian. This will be a process but can all be cleaned up and enforced within a year to 18 months timeframe. All animals are to be tagged with owners info done by the breeder, pet store, or animal shelter. We want to stop animal cruelty and increase both the fine and jail time. We are asking that the city pay extremely close attention to animal cruelty reports and follow up on such. This will many times carry over into other areas of human/child cruelty and abuse, etc and will create leads for other criminal acts, therefore cleaning up our city in a whole other way. We ask that before adoption takes place that every person goes through a complete screening and watch a brief video on animal adoption and caring for your pet, that target various adoptions. i.e. adopting a puppy or kitten compared to adopting an adult dog or cat from a shelter, etc. the screening is to be conducted by all licensed breeders, pet stores, and shelters.

Dear Fellow Animal Lovers. We need your help in stopping the mass killing that happens everyday at Orange County Animal Services. Every 5 days the animals are euthanized from their intake date, it doesn't matter if they are healthy, if they are puppies, or kittens, some may get a little longer time frame based on a person's opinion of adoptability. Let's STOP this from happening anymore. Let's be their voice for. STOP THE BLOOD BATH!!!!

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