Help get awareness for Kurt Russell to play Ni-Tro, J-Tro's dad, in the sequel to The FP

If you are a fan of the great insanity that was 2012's The FP then you know what films, and filmmakers, helped to inspire the look and feel of it. writer/Directors Brandon and Jason Trost are already talking of a sequel to The FP in which J-Tro will meet his father Ni-Tro. It's a no brainier that his father MUST be played by Kurt Russell. If I have to explain to you when then you are too brain dead to go on in life.

I don't think it will be hard to bring this to Kurts' attention, after all the chain is fairly short. Kurt Russell starred in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. Quentin is a close friend of Tim League the owner of The Alamo Drafthouse. Drafthouse Films own the rights to The FP. See, it's simple. What this petition is aimed at is to show that we as fans want to see one of our all time favorite action stars return to the screen in a film that exemplifies so much of His amazing work.
For a long time you have entertained the masses with some of entertainments biggest and most badass characters. You have amazed us in such masterpieces as The Thing, Tombstone, Escape From New York, Grindhouse, Big Trouble in Little China and so on.

In 2012 a great satire/throwback film was released in theaters in which two rival gangs had to battle for dominance in a small town, the focus of the life or death battles were centered on a game very much like Dance Dance Revolution. The reason were reaching out to you is that said movie was very heavily influenced on the movies you were a star of and other movies of that same genre and time period. The lead character J-Tro wore an eye-patch similar to Snake's in Escape from New York. The music is heavily synthesized and brings to mind most of John Carpenters scores. The main villain is take on Clubber Lang from Rocky 4 and so on and so on. You can see production photos from The Official FP Facebook Page ( or contact  Drafthouse Films (Who bought the rights in 2011) for anything you require.

Shortly after The FP was released the Filmmakers expressed serious interest in getting to work on the sequel in which J-Tro must travel to China to find his estranged father. There can be no other choice than you Mr. Russell. The Directors are huge fans of yours and If you watch the official trailer ( you will see how perfect you are for a project like this. The budget may not be large but the hearts and minds at work on these films trump even the largest movies that are being released in cinemas today.

Please Mr. Russell, at least give this information consideration and if you find it intriguing then contact anyone from Drafthouse Films or The Official FP Facebook Page ( and someone can get you in touch with the creators.

Thank yo for your time and for the innumerable movies you have made that have shaped all of our lives.

Thank you.
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