Michael Jackson Justice: Media Lies Corrected

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*Please note: whether you are a MJ fan or not, please consider the content with humanity in mind. Many people have been victimized by media bias and sensationalism.  Please support us for the greater good of humanity.  Just simply imagine if this were you.

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As we approach the one-year anniversary of the reported death of the legendary Michael Jackson I am writing you to appeal to your sense of fairness and justice. For over 20 years, Mr. Jackson has been the victim of a systematic character assassination by the mass media and I am requested that his name be cleared. Just recently, the Huffington post website presented an excellent article written by Mr. Charles Thomson, a British journalist, entitled 'One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History". He details 'the sheer amount of propaganda, bias, distortion and misinformation" that the press presented during the 2005 trial of Mr. Jackson as being "almost beyond comprehension."

It is beyond my understanding why, none of the other media outlets have picked up this story. Why is this investigative and thorough research by Mr. Thomson being purposely ignored? Is it so difficult for the powers that be to face the truth and admit that due to laziness and a total lack of journalistic integrity, they led the public to believe unfounded lies about Mr. Jackson? It is beyond disgusting to believe that increased audience ratings were the impetus to assassinate this gentle man's reputation. For years, the media maintained a relentless barrage of lies and distortions against him and with an unparallel unevenness and inequality unseen ever before against a single person. Was he so evil that there was nothing good to report about this man? On the contrary he was an earthbound angel and helped humankind immensely.

Jackson donated his $1.5 million settlement from Pepsi, after he was severely burned during a commercial filming for the product to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California, which now has a "Michael Jackson Burn Center" in honor of his donation. Over his lifetime he contributed a reported 300 million dollars to various charities, and since a lot of his philanthropic mission was underreported the amount could actually be substantially higher. President Reagan presented him an award for his charitable work to help people with addiction to drug and alcohol. All of his earnings from his Victory tour were donated to charity, his We are the World sold 30 million copies and all the money was donated to famine relief in Africa. While in Budapest in 1994, Michael became attached to Bela Farkas, a Hungarian boy in need of a Liver Transplant. Not only did Mr. Jackson agree to pay all the cost of the care needed, he actively pursued different leads to find the little boy the organ he so desperately needed for the transplant.

He changed the lives of many destitute and hopeless children in hospitals all over the world, quietly and without fanfare. Yet these things were severely underreported or buried. Why? Because as Mr. Jackson is so famous of saying, "Good news doesn't sell". He was totally acquitted on all counts in the 2005 trial, because they was no substantiating proof to he outlandish counts against him and the press was MUTE. Thomson writes, "Media analyst Tim Rutten ...commented, "So what happened when Jackson was acquitted on all counts? Red faces? Second thoughts? A little soul-searching, perhaps? Maybe one expression of regret for the rush to judgment? Naw!" Why?

It is never too late to right a wrong. Mr. Jackson needs us to be his voice to repair his reputation that was relentless assaulted with a seeming vindictiveness that is still unbelievably palpable. This good and sincere man's reputation was shredded and was continuously under a negatively slanted microscope that shaped an anti-MJ public opinion that is so virulent now, that he still is the butt of vicious attacks and jokes by the common man. I behoove you to read Mr. Thomson's complete article and educate yourself on what truly went on in the court room and realize that for the most part, what was reported to the public, was totally contrary to the reality, as most other things that occurred in Michael Jackson's life. (link below)

The Huffington Post has taken a bold step in bringing the truth to light concerning Mr. Jackson... perhaps you can take the baton and run with it. It is only fair to now report all the positive things about Mr. Jackson and restore his good name. It is not only right it is your responsibility.



Michael Jackson deserves to have his name cleared NOW.

Now is the time to really show that you care. Not only about MJ but for the principles involved in what we are talking about. 

First of all, the fiduciary responsiblity the media has to the public and those they write their stories has long been lost and forgotten.  It is about time the truth is told and something is done about it.  It is not nice nor right to endure the media misrepresentation, abuse of trust, abuse of power, and abuse of the freedom of speech.  No one should have to endure what MJ did.  This petition is not only about MJ, it is about all those who have been victimized by media sensationalism.  Sensationalism in movies is ok, but not the NEWS.  The news is suppsed to be about facts, not fiction.  When sensationalism and half-truths are reported, the NEWS becomes fiction.  Is this what the news has become?  Reporting half the truth?  It is not okay anymore.

Second, One IS accountable for what they say and do, regardless whether we hold them to it or not, these are people's lives we are interacting and what the media reports on anyone has a profound effect on their lives.  WE the people deserve the truth.  WE the people deserve to be treated as a decent human being.  We deserve our privacy and unconditional respect and fairness.  We all deserve unconditional love.  We all know MJ was innocent of any reported wrongdoings.  It is time these kinds of behaviors are no longer ignored and furthermore corrected.  We must take a stand as one and SHOW that we are one regardless of opinion, differences, issues or other aspects that "separate" us. 

Third of all... so many people talk about giving love to MJ.  Don't talk about it, show it.  Show in all you do, all you are and unconditionally to all humanity.  Michael Jackson is not the only one who endured media bias, its happened to many from all walks of life. The effects are the same. Please sign in support of media fairness, integrity and fiduciary responsibility worldwide.

This petition serves the purpose that the public wants the truth in reporting. The petition demonstrates the public recognizes that previous articles have misinformation which need to be corrected. The public recognizes the press has responsibilty and accountability towards the stories they print, the public and the people they write about. We the public are asking for the media to govern themselves by an ethical standard and fiduciary responsibility to their profession, human subjects and to the public.

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Based on the information in this petition, we the undersigned ask all media establishments to consider the content and make that change.  Michael Jackson loved the world and demonstrated his unconditional love to everyone everywhere.  It's all for love, unconditional love and it is time that the slate be corrected and cleaned.  Mr. Jackson deserves this unconditional love returned.

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