In Memory Of Rebecca Ann - STOP Bullying For Good

  • by: Pat Jones
  • target: Florida State Legislators

Please Pass "Rebecca's Law"  Now! Last November (2012), several girls started bullying my granddaughter, 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick. They emotionally tortured and harassed her endlessly and she began cutting herself. After our family filed complaints with the school and school board, nothing was done to the bullies. Becca, however was moved around to different classes at Crystal Lake Middle School but the bullies continued to assault and attack her in the halls. Again, NOTHING was done. Tricia, Becca's mom, took away her phone, put her in counseling, and eventually moved her to a new school to prevent the bullying.

At her new school, Becca seemed happy. Becca even told me that she was fine! But the bullying continued on different social media websites. She could not escape; she felt helpless. Then, when it just got too much for her, she sent texts to friends one morning, saying goodbye forever, went to an abandoned concrete plant, went through the fence, climbed to the top of the tower and jumped, taking her own life.

Becca was the kindest, most thoughtful young lady I have ever known. Now we are her voice, and her voice will be heard, no matter who we have to contact or what we need to do to make sure not one more child is hurt or lost to "Death By Bullying!"  

Becca's Law will criminalize bullying and will help prevent the torment that my granddaughter went through. Not one more child should go through this torture! Schools cannot handle this alone, so we need to speak up right now for Becca and others like her! Please sign the petition today.

Here are the facts: 160,000 kids in the US stay home every day because of bullying. Eighty-three percent of bullying incidents receive no intervention by the school or law enforcement! Those who bully are four times more likely to engage in criminal behavior in adulthood and often develop suicidal thoughts. here are three described forms of bullying: physical, verbal, and social. Male bullying more commonly consists of verbal and physical abuse, whereas female bullying more commonly involves more verbal abuse and social bullying by spreading of rumors. Only half of educators have received training on how to handle bullying situations. According to founder Bill Belsey, not teaching educators how to handle bullying is like not training physicians to deal with the flu! A 1998 survey of 58 high schools conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Education revealed that 22 percent of gay respondents had skipped school in the past month because they felt unsafe there. Roughly 80% of students who experienced bullying in 2007 reported it occurring inside the school grounds. Children are more likely to experience verbal assaults targeting appearances and behaviors rather than race or religious affiliations. In many cases, bullies felt that the victim was at fault for these behaviors or appearances. A study published by the National School Board Administration reports that only 33.1% of the middle and high school students surveyed agree or strongly agrees that teachers can stop bullying. This means that 2/3 of these students are not confident that they can get help from their teachers. In 2005 roughly one out of ten Internet users ages 10-17 had been a victim of cyberbullying and “on-line harassment”. Fifty percent of victims who were bullied off-line and on-line by the same people reported being very distressed by the incidents.

 Rebecca wrote this in her journal:  “How many lives have to be lost until people realize words do matter?”
Why don't you give her this reply "IT STOPS RIGHT NOW BECCA!"
Thank You!
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