No oil exploration or drilling near last 50 Maui's dolphins

New Zealand’s Maui’s dolphins are the smallest and rarest marine dolphins on earth. Fishing nets have decimated Maui’s dolphins from almost 2,000 to just 50. Now big oil companies have begun to move in on the dolphins..

Austrian oil giant OMV has caused three oil spills near the dolphins’ home – most recently in February 2015. OMV wants to drill seven more wells in the area, further increasing the risk to the last 50 Maui’s. Another spill could wipe out the dolphins for good.

To make things worse, OMV is conducting seismic surveys to find more oil and gas under the sea. Seismic tests use deafening air gun blasts that penetrate thousands of meters of water and continue deep into the ocean floor before returning to the water surface, where they are picked up by hydrophones. They boom through the water every 10 to 12 seconds around the clock, day after day, for weeks or even months.

Seismic surveyscan cause dolphins to avoid important habitat, drive them into fishing nets, interfere with feeding, reproduction, resting, communication, hearing sounds that are vital to their survival, and increase the risk of calves being separated from their mothers. They can also reduce the dolphins’ ability to fight diseases and increase mortality.

New Zealand’s Code of Conduct for seismic surveys, which OMV follows, consists largely of "feel-good" measures that are barely better than doing nothing.

This could be the final blow for Maui’s dolphins.

We ask the New Zealand Prime Minister to withdraw OMV’s and other oil companies’ permission to conduct in seismic surveys, drilling and oil production in or near Maui’s dolphin habitat.

Update #27 years ago
NEW OIL SPILL provides new proof of the risks posed by drilling and producing opil at sea. At least 1500 litres of heavy fuel oil leaked into the sea in Tauronga on the north coast of New Zealand's North Island. Had it occurred on the opposite site of NZ's North Island, it could have been a the final straw for the last 50 Maui's dolphins. Unless NZ stops hiding behind a thick wall of denial & wishful thinking, the Maui's' luck will soon run out.
Update #17 years ago

Let's remember Maui's & Hector's dolphins this Earth Day.

27000 already signed our petition to stop oil companies from drilling in or near their home. Thank you for adding your name to the call for their protection.

Now please help us ban the nets that are killing them faster than they can breed:

Your voice is important. It's the only one they have.

Thank you!
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