Protect Marlin from overfishing.

Atlantic blue marlin - a popular object of sport fishing. The relatively high fat content of meat makes it an attractive target for commercial market. State of modern populations is assessed as vulnerable as a result of overfishing.

Often comes across as a bycatch of tuna longlines. Valuable commercial species. The global catch in 2000 was 3,064 tons. The meat is high in fat, particularly appreciated in Japan, where it is used for the preparation of sashimi. In Hawaii, sometimes smoked marlin meat and salt for sale.

Because of its relative rarity, beautiful appearance and sporting values marlin is considered as one of the most attractive and prestigious objects of sport fishing. The world record, as recorded by the International Association of fishermen, is equal to 636 kg.

In the sport fishing industry with multi-million dollar companies involved hundreds of thousands of jobs for shipbuilders, ship captains, sailors, port employees, agents, companies, manufacturers of fishing tackle and dealers. Deep-sea fishing for marlin is the most developed along the coast of the United States, the Bahamas, some islands in the Caribbean, Venezuela, Brazil and Bermuda.

The main press has longline fishing. In the Caribbean, Japan and Cuba, fishermen annually produces thousands of tons of marlin. In the United States passed a law requiring all ships within 200 miles of shoreline release of marlin caught. However, the survival rate of released fish is low due to injury when caught.

Due to overfishing, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has assigned to this kind of status of "Vulnerable". In 2010, Greenpeace added it to the red list seafood, means that the list of species that are sold in supermarkets around the world and who are at high risk of overfishing.

Stop it. Marlin will be protected from overfishing and preserve it for future generations.
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