Tell Kreider Farms to Stop Lying About It Egg Production Methods

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Kreider Farms, Pennsylvania
Massive egg producer Kreider Farms in PA promotes itself as one reminiscent of its Dutch heritage. But its methods are nothing like those used by traditional farms. In fact, Kreider's egg operation is not a farm at all - it’s a factory.

It's bad enough that it stuffs hens in stacked tiers, treating them more like egg-laying machines than living creatures, but the Humane Society (HS) has exposed poor sanitation practices and “extremely cruel” treatment of Kreider‘s hens, even for a confined animal feeding operation.

Shown on ABC, HS’s undercover video exposes dead hens left to decompose, broken eggs left lying where chickens feed and swarming flies around the feed, conditions which often lead to salmonella poisoning.

Kreider, which boasts “eggs-acting standards,” denys the authenticity of the video. But even if the sanitation problems have been fixed, Kreider’s misleading advertising, itself, should be illegal.

Tell Kreider Farms to stop lying about its egg production methods.

We, the undersigned, expect Kreider Farms to meet sanitation requirements, and we also hold it accountable for the claims it makes about its methods of egg production.

It’s marketing implies that traditional farming methods are the way Kreider Farms produces its eggs, and that its chickens are happy and well-cared for. On its website even its so-called “cage-free” chickens are filmed only in cages with tips of their beaks cut off. Kreider Farms’ advertising is not only downright false - or at the very least, misleading - its name and logo are misleading as well.

Furthermore, the Humane Society’s undercover video shows convincing evidence that Kreider’s claims of super sanitary factory conditions and exceptional inspection methods - particularly that its hens are “living a contented life” - couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Experts report that conditions at Kreider are the kind that lead to salmonella poisoning. With massive egg recalls in the past, along with thousands sickened by such poisoning, there is no excuse for Kreider allowing these kinds of conditions - for any length of time.

Kreider should not only be held under stricter inspection scrutiny and made to clean up its factories, but it should be living up to the image it portrays in its marketing methods and treat its hens humanely - like living creatures, rather than egg-producing machines.

Thank you for your time.

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