Stop the euthanization of cat colonies

These cats never did anything wrong. People allowed their cats to roam free in the town of Canso, allowed them to breed and never though anything of it. The citizens of Canso are at the fault, not the cats. There are kittens living there, that can be rehomed, tamed and cats that can be caught and fixed so they can no longer have kittens. Then be replaced to live happy lives as long as the citizens of Canso would step in. Most people have. But there are quite a few who just don't care about the lives of innocent animals, especially if they are willing to sit by and let something so cruel and heartless to be done. The Municipality of Guysborough has decided to take into their hands, the euthanization of all these poor, homeless cats. This has already happened before, and it didn't help the matter, so why take so many lives again if it will only happen again in a few years?! Please, help us save the lives of these adult and infant animals. They've never done anything to deserve this. Would you euthanize the homeless people that live in most cities the way you are euthanizing these animals? No? Why not? Because it isn't right? So how come it is alright for people to euthanize an animal that has never done anyone any harm? Humanity was given a heart when they were made, by God, who loves all animals and people choose not to use it. If you have a heart, and love animals, not just cats.. then please, sign my petition and help me save some lives. If you are looking to see what some of these beautiful animals look like then email me at, and I will share with you what animals will be murdered if you don't sign this.

I need more people from Guysborough County to sign in order for this to work! And if we can't save this bunch of cats/kittens, maybe we can save the next with a petition for bylaws and fines to be issued! 

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