Reclassify GM foods as NOT substantially equivalent to non-GM foods

I have always gotten stomach problems when I eat GM foods.  We have been lied to in the law that states GM food is substantially equivalent ( = the same) as non-GM food.  We need to begin negotiating solutions to a lot of GM problems, but this awful law is holding us back.

Allergens, Roundup-caused cancers, even deaths (a GM amino acid supplement), insects becoming immune to the crops' poison genes, farm environment mysterious disasters (micro-fungus, bee colony extinctions)...  More and more science tells us these foods with different and unnatural genes in every cell are NOT the same as traditional foods with naturally-occurring genes.

Gene manipulation triggers jumping genes and monster freaks.  And we are what we eat... we ourselves are becoming GM.  Survival of the fittest is turning into temporary survival of the greediest.  Let's start by wiping out this lie of 'substantial equivalence' from off the lawbooks.  Only then can we start to face reality.  

Dear Mr President, Congressmen, FDA leaders and governmental lawmakers,

Please wipe the law of substantial equivalence from off the FDA law.  We really need truth in government now like never before.  If only we could be honest now, better late than never, about this most basic fact in life, we could move forward as a country into a brigher tomorrow.

New genes means new proteins, and the genes are in all cells of the entire food plants.  This is not the same as food with naturally occurring genes.  After all the evidence, it's time to face reality, and negotiate honestly and openly about GM and its effects on people's health, not to mention the environment.

The law of substantial equivalence is impeding our dialogue.  We are capable of earning a living as a country by real innovation, not by manipulating the genes that are the birth inheritance of all of us.   We surely all agree that honesty must be the basis of our dialogue, so we cannot say that the GM food is equivalent, with different and unnatural genes in it.

A short catalog of supporting facts:
-  GM tryptophan caused 37 deaths and 1500 others to be affected, highlighting the difference of the new proteins.
 -  Cotton handlers get allergens, highlighting the vast increase in allergy, often due to people getting sensitized to normal proteins due tocontact with freak proteins
-  Sheep are sensitive animals, and have been reported dying from eating GM crops in India (cotton and eggplant crops)
-  Bees are sensitive creatures, and they have been dying out massively, probably due at least in part to a third or more of their pollen being GM
-  Sensitive people get lots more bowel problems today, with massive rise in these problems since GM foods came out
-  Health evidence against GM bovine growth hormone (beef and milk products) was sufficient to persuade the Canadian government to outlaw it
-  Norway has completed a ten year experiment into GM corn, finding it causes obesity and other problems
-  Mice experiments showed effects on liver and kidneys and other organs (recent meta analysis of whole range of studies by Caen University, France)

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