Forbide or ration the use of plastic bags and prevent sea/river pollution by trash and fish nets

  • by: Patricia T.
  • recipient: U.N., International Seabed Authority, WTO, FAO, others.

Your Excellency:

The Pacific patch plastic soup keeps getting bigger and bigger, marine animals keep dying because of sea and river pollution. time to:

- Forbid or impose rationalization of plastic bags by forcing supermarkets to sell them at more expensive prices, not giving them away or simply make a discount if you bring your own bag from home.

-Invest in education to prevent people from throwing trash into rivers, ocean and marine coasts (sand), also impose the obligation to fishermen not to dispose fish nets wastes on the sand. Either by taxing in some way or rewarding the good attitudes.

It is up to specialists to join, or be joined around this issue and solve it up once and for all.

And by the way: for how long will the plastic soup at the Pacific kill marine life and poison fish and all the food chain?

Thank you for you attention.

Your Excellency:

Plastic bags and trash that end up in rivers and oceans keep increasing the water pollution problem and nobody takes serious measures to stop it. It kills marine life, poisons the whole food chain and keeps floating sadly under the world's despise. Do you despise your children's future and heritage, do you despise nature and all it gives us? when will plastic bags be rationed or forbidden at supermarkets? there could be other measures: discounts for those bringing their own bags from home or else buy your plastic bag at much higher prices. There must be education, also among fishermen to stop disposing fish net wastes on the shore lines, and sever taxes/fines for those who dispose garbage on the beaches, there must be more vigilance on beaches and shore lines. Please hire the best specialists, make a commission to study this and find solutions once and for all! The Great pacific patch is allready big as the name says by it self. Information is available and abundant online but it is up to you to hire the best in all sectors involved or simply ask for their cooperation: like the environmentalists.

Causes for river pollution:

Causes for marine pollution:

Solutions for marine pollution:

Solutions for river pollution:

We must not forget that what is left on shore/sand ends up in the rivers and ocean too: plastic bags, fishing net wastes, all kinds of trash.

And by the way: for how long will the trash float and accumulate at the Pacific?

Thank you.

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