Help change the process for social security disablity

I am asking people to sign this to us to try to get our congress woman to help us with my husbands social security disability case. He worked for 21 years non-stop and then in 2009 he had a break down is no longer able to work. He has been diagnosed at bi-polar / schizophrenic with manic depression. He also has 4 herniated disc in his back, bicep tendinitous, a fractured tail bone and hep b. They have denied us twice already and we are fighting them yet again. Because of all of this we lost our car, our apt and had to move to the desert away from our daughter. Please help sign this so we can get someone to help write a letter on our behalf.

Dear Loretta Sanchez

I am writing to you to see if you would be willing to write a letter to social security disability on behalf of my husband. We have been fighting with them for almost three years now and the have denied him twice already. We dont know what else to do right now. My husband is bi-polar / schizophrenic, manice depressive. He also has health ailments with his back, tailbone, shoulders and hepatitus b. I have done everything that has been asked of us down to the letter and yet they still deny him. He worked for 21 years straight and yet they say because of his age that he can still work, but there is no way that he can at all with his health and major sleep problems that he has especially his mental issues. Please ask of you is write the letter for him.

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