Justice for Bugsy. Fire ..Whitley AC Officer W. Perkins who killed him!

Bugsy was an innocent gentle stray dog, scared for his life...
Bugsy was SHOT and KILLED in cold blood by AC Officer W PERKINS!
ANIMAL CONTROL ..throughout the USA...needs total reform!

The AC Officer who shot and killed this poor innocent dog, must be sacked from his job as an Animal Control Officer ...his name is WAYNE PERKINS!!
PERKINS..should also face an investigation, with a view to animal cruelty charges to be filed in court.
HOW MANY MORE STORIES such as this as we to keep hearing about?
When will the Authorities start listening, and do something about all these animal killings!!

Please sign and help fight for Justice for Bugsy.
Too many dogs are being so needlessly killed, by out of control ..gun crazed idiots..who wear badges, and are supposed to be the people we can trust!
Animal Control needs reform!!




When a stray dog befriends workers at some Williamsburg businesses .... the animal lovers thought they were doing the dog a favor by calling animal control.

They never thought their new friend would be gunned down with a shotgun ..
by the man they called to help.
Bugsy needed a home.

For days workers at the Whitley pharmacy and surrounding businesses gave him food, but they decided the countys animal control officer could get bugsy the help he need.

So..they called the Animal Control.

Workers say when the animal control officer arrived, it was clear that wasnt going to be Bugsys fate.

Breanna Rhoades says she pleaded with a police officer to let her have the dog.  Breanna said: he was like, well if you do that, you have

to pay the fine, because in city limits you have to have it on a chain or in a cage.

" i was like, well thats fine, whatever i need to do. just dont kill the dog."

'When he was over here talking to me, the animal control Officer Wayne Perkins shot the dog.

Williamsburg police say they were concerned about potential danger after receiving calls that Bugsy had almost caused car crashes.

 Breanna Rhoades: "that dog was not going to hurt anybody...it was gentle, sweet as it could be... he was just scared to death.

Rhonda Rains: "i would never call our animal control ever again,  honest to god i wouldnt, because i would be afraid this would happen,

and im afraid that its happened many times before that nobody knows about. 

Rhonda Rains and others who cared for Bugsy say since the his death, many have told them they would have adopted the dog if they had known he was in danger.

Now some hope Bugsys death will encourage more adoptions and animal control reforms.

Rhonda Rains: "id like to see an animal control that would actually rescue the dog, take it to the shelter.

Llets try to get these dogs adopted out...dont kill them in cold blood... thats not even humane.

If you have to euthanize them because theyre overpopulated, thats sad, and i hate that, but at least its a humane way.

I understand they may not can adopt every dog out, but at least give it a chance.

In Williamsburg, Gabriel Roxa we tried to contact the animal control officer involved ... but he did not return our calls.

OMG!!...How many more of our innocent animals are to die at the hands of the very people that we are supposed to trust?

This page was created ..to get some justice for an innocent dog called BUGSY.

Bugsy was a Pyrenese dog.

Bugsy was an innocent dog..a "stray"..yet he was also tagged and had the name Bugsy on the collar.

So..we now must assume..that Bugsy was someone's pet.

A pet, that for some unknown reason was on the loose and scared.

Who owned Bugsy..i wonder?

Will these person(s) come forward and demand an answer into their dogs murder.

Murder..you ask.

Yes...it was yet again..another murder..of an innocent dog...shot by gun happy AC Officer.

Justice for a stray dog called Bugsy

Underdog Rescue International
We are a group of people who work on line to help abused animals have a second chance. This group was created to share resources, stories, ideas, crossposting, shelter news, DNA news alerts...
Thankyou Jayne Cvetanoski aka.. NoKill Day and Ani Rights. 23/8/10
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