Ask Judge to Reduce Joel Tenenbaum's $675k Fine!

Somehow Joel Tenenbaum got busted for something millions of teenagers did. He downloaded 30 songs from the internet. America' judicial system decided to make an example of Tenenbaum--and what an example! Tenenbaum, who holds a brand new Ph.D. in physics, financed by a grad student's meager stipend, has been ordered to pay $675,000 in damages. Money he just doesn't have--and isn't likely to earn any time in the near future as a research scientist. 

Clearly this punishment is out of all proportion to the crime! Tenenbaum should not be saddled with such an enormous debt over a small indiscretion committed while he was a student at Boston University. A law that is so widely unenforced should not be arbitrarily enforced against one person. Tell the US Circuit Court of Appeals to reduce Tenenbaum's fine!

We the undersigned clearly understand that copyright laws are designed to protect the rights of artists and musicians. Perhaps a fine of $100 would be in proportion to the degree of harm caused by Joel Tenenbaum when he did what millions of teenagers do--downloaded music from the internet. But to impose a fine of $675,000 is ludicrous. The punishment does not fit the crime and you have singled out one individual for enforcement of a law that is unenforced on millions of others. This is clearly unjust! Reduce Tenenbaum's fine!

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