Urge Facebook to Shut Down the National Pet Rescue Examiner Page!

The National Pet Rescue Examiner is all about animal advocacy and anti-cruelty at first glance. That is, until you realize who the creator/adnimistrator is. Her name is Cheryl Hanna and she happens to be the publicity/marketing director for Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit horse "rescue" in Bernville, PA, that is actually an elaborate scam to peddle unfit-for-sale auction horses in collusion with a well-known kill buyer, Brian Moore, at outrageous prices.

AC4h, as it is commonly called, has been carrying on this scam for the better part of a decade with the help of its associates, including Ms. Hanna herself, who condones the cruelty and neglect that her friend, Christy Sheidy, AC4h's founder, inflicts upon the horses week after week during their sojourn in Brian Moore's lot--including withholding adequate food and water and veterinary care when it is clearly called for.

As a result, many of the broker horses have gone to their new homes in horrible condition: emaciated, lame, injured and sick. Many of them have had to be euthanized upon arrival. I have documented many of these abuses in my blog ever since I became aware of AC4h's shady activities in the spring/summer of 2010 and have been waging war with Christy Sheidy and her associates over their scam, which has netted them several million dollars. The last time that AC4h filed a return with the IRS, for the fiscal year 2010, they reported a take of $860,000.

How many legitimate rescues do you know of that take in that kind of money for the animals the money is supposed to be benefitting? It is well known that Christy Sheidy never has used public funds to benefit the horses the money is supposed to go to, and Cheryl Hanna and AC4h's other associates have never taken her to task over this and other major red flags--most likely because they themselves are benefiting off the misery inflicted on those unfortunate horses.

As it is, The National Pet Rescue Examiner is nothing but a giant smoke screen to cover up the fact that Cheryl Hanna is not all about the animals she writes about. To me, that smacks of self-serving dishonesty, considering the fact that she is part of an organization that inflicts cruelty and neglect on the very animals that AC4h is supposed to be helping, and condoning what Christy Sheidy does week in and week out without batting an eye.

In my opinion, Ms. Hanna has no business running a Facebook page advocating for humane treatment of animals on one hand, and aiding and abetting an organization that shamelessly exploits horses for blood money on the other hand. That is the very height of hypocrisy and does not belong on Facebook, period. Please sign the petition if you agree.

Below you will find several links about The National Pet Rescue Examiner and its creator/admin, and Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. that support this petition:

My latest blog entry about the National Pet Rescue Examiner: http://voiceforhorses-exposed.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-national-pet-rescue-examiner-exposed.html



Reviews of AC4h on GuideStar.org: http://greatnonprofits.org/whitelabel/reviews/another-chance-4-horses-inc

TV news story about an April 30, 2013 raid by the FBI of AC4h in Bernville, PAhttp://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-berks/fbi-raids-area-another-chance-4-horses-in-berks-county/-/121418/19950308/-/i3688lz/-/index.html 

Google 'AC4h scams' and you will find plenty about this "rescue".

Thank you very much for signing my petition!

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

If you believe in honesty and transparency on Facebook, please do the right thing and permanently remove The National Pet Rescue Examiner page from your site as its creator/administrator is not truly in it for the animals she professes to advocate for through her articles for Examiner.com; I have proof (provided through a link in my petition) that she is deeply involved with a 501c3 nonprofit horse "rescue" that is exploiting unfit-for-sale horses for huge profits and ripping off bleeding heart donors and adopters alike.

This rescue is currently under investigation by the FBI and IRS for wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, income tax evasion and other federal crimes. If you abhor such two-faced hypocrisy, I trust that you will do the right thing and take down this page. Thank you very much.


Sally Schrock

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