We Want to See the Real "Red John" Episode!

  • by: Kate Sunday
  • target: Mr. Bruno Heller and CBS Broadcasting Inc.

First of all, we are sure that there IS another "Red John" episode. Details below.

The episode we've seen is a result of a political pressure.
What are the chances, that a great writer who created over 120 brilliant episodes would mess up the most important part of his lifework? Do you really believe, that he could write that?

Let's take a look at the situation. Many people who have no mental disorders and are into good characters become obsessed with Red John, no matter how hard writers always tried to show that he is an evil. How about people, who have some weaknesses?  
Our point is that someone said "You've created a monster! Everyone's in love with him. Disgrace him, humiliate him, make him look ugly, stupid, make him a coward."

This episode was created and shot in a couple of days. Everyone can clearly see it. Long and senseless stares, running, more running, and plain dialogues.
All those hints, which fans thought were the indications of a fake episode, were actually a cry for help: "This is NOT what we wanted to show. We have nothing to do with this thing!" Just as Jimmy Gadd said.
All those nuns-with-a-knife, FBI-car-parking, hello-911 and so on.

Just take a look at the sheriff who was running pretty quick a moment ago! He falls to the ground, and doesn't even TRY to shake Jane off him. Jane's a sissy! He's a sheriff! I know he's wounded, but he was running a minute ago. Jane is strangling him with one bare hand? Oh come on. Red John escaped without taking a gun, and has no one to call except 911? Double come on.

Each frame is full of nonsense and a lack of simple logic. Bruno Heller was not abasing us and our intellect, he was not lazy, and he didn't eventually lose his genius. He was trying to let us know, that this wasn't his brainchild. He was made to do this.
Look at the cast's faces. They weren't even trying to act. Because they have already DONE this episode. And it should have been brilliant. Their faces are disappointed and desperate. These are the actors' faces, not the caracters'.
All the discrepant interviews are another proof. They leaked the episode to prepare us for the shock.

We want Bruno Heller and the whole cast and crew to know, that we're still grateful, that we believe in them, that we know, they had a masterplan. And that our hearts are broken just like theirs.
That we didn't become monsters, we are just smart people who wanted to see a MENTAL duel, and we wanted this evil to be fairly defeated. That the strangling scene was much worse than our admiration for Red John.
And that we hope that someone will leak the real footage or include it in the DVD, even if it's not edited, finished or polished.
The creators deserve the right to show it. We deserve the right to see it.

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