Please help stop the EXPORT of LIVE ANIMALS from Australia

Although various Federal Governments OVER MANY YEARS have been informed & shown the horrific CRUELTY & SUFFERING that awaits LIVE animals exported (including CATTLE, SHEEP & GOATS) to overseas countries they REFUSE to stop it. Instead they come up with band aids that they know they cannot nor will ever be able to enforce, once these poor creatures leave Australian shores we have NO control whatsoever ! Although the last figures I saw published showed well over 80% of AUSSIES are totally against this barbaric medieval trade, the Politicians won't listen. Australia has always been one of the first to criticise other nations for neglecting or abusing different things but all the while WE continue with this BLOOD trade of agony & painful death, this is a trade that MOST developed countries stopped years ago not just because of the Cruelty & Suffering but also because of the inherent dangers that's always plagued this type of trade, such as transport, where often animals die or endure broken legs & ribs or shoved in car boots to suffer in up to 50+ degree celcius heat, it is truly horrendous & disgusting. This is SO unnecessary, there are more jobs & indeed more profit if these poor creatures are humanely slaughtered in Australia & packaged here but our gutless Politicians instead cower to the Middle East & Indoneasia who want these poor creatures alive. I say surely if it is good enough for all of us in Australia to eat & the other good people we also export meat to in the world it is good enough for those nations too !  I was going to incude a link to some videos actually showing this mind boggling abuse but I though if children saw it it would be too traumatic so if you want to do a search to witness it it's up to you HOWEVER to anyone with a heart or loves animals they are GRAPHIC & DISTURBING, unless you're a politician apparently, most anyway. It would be unfair of me not to thank the few Pollies that want the same as all of us, abolishing this cruel trade unfortunately they are in the minority & outside the 2 main Political Parties.
What truly alarms me is that BOTH our main Political Parties obviously think that in this day & age it is still acceptable to PROFIT from the needless cruelty, abuse, pain & suffering at another living things expense, what else do they also consider acceptable or will do in the future, it's daunting & scarey.
Please help in stopping this totally unnecessary, barbaric & inhumane trade of these helpless animals.
I sincerely thank you for your time & hopefully support.

We who have signed below demand you immediately STOP the Export of LIVE ANIMALS from Australia.
It is totally unnecessary for these poor creatures to endure not just the deliberate cruelty & abuse at the hands of our export makets but nor should they be subjected to the inherent dangers of injury or death they often face in transporting them there.
There are logical alternatives to Live Exports that you have chosen to just disregarded so it is up to us to show you that this barbaric medieval trade has NO place in Australian Society, it saddens us that you obviously think it is acceptable for people to profit from another living things pain & suffering.
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