Demand an End to Forced Treatment Under the Mental Health Act

An Anatomization of Freedom
Freedom is the act or right of being allowed or able to think, speak and act as one wants without being limited or controlled. Taking this definition fully to heart it seems almost impossible to obtain complete freedom because we are always limited in someway by our situation. We are often limited by other people and can even be limited by ourselves. In a fair society though, I believe we should be free to our utmost extent and although limited by ourselves and the situation we are in, we should be free from the control of others. This type of freedom hinges on the concept of self-ownership. This means that each person owns there own life and no person has the right to own the life of someone else. To take away a persons freedom is slavery. Slavery is wrong. A life in captivity is no life at all. To take away a persons freedom is to steal their life from them and is the equivalent of murder. It is wrong. All people are equal in their divine rights of freedom which cannot be taken away. No person has the right to more freedom than any other person no matter who they are or what position they are in. Nor, in a just society, should any person have the right to exercise power over another person and take their freedom away. Actions on behalf of others are only right when there is voluntary and mutual consent. This is the only way we can achieve a truly just and fair society.
The Exposure of a Great Injustice
In the society which we live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland it is believed by many that as a first world country we live in a just and fair society free from power hungry dictators, where we are allowed a vote and allowed freedom of speech. However, that is an illusion. We are all slaves to a diabolical system hidden and disguised from the public eye. A taboo subject barely discussed, unknown by most apart from its abusers and its unfortunate victims. A system that gives people in certain positions control and power over other people. A system that endorses slavery and takes away freedom. This system is the system of forced treatment for people with so called 'mental illnesses'. It has a long, abusive history in the UK and many other places all over the world. No other medical specialty has the right to take away someone's freedom under the guise of helping and treating them. If you are ill and need an operation, unless in emergency circumstances, doctors need your consent to do the procedure, and cannot undertake it unless they have your consent. However, if your views, opinions and way of life differ from what medical professionals deem 'normal' or 'right' and have the opinion that you are endangering your own life, they can take your freedom away from you under the mental health act. This is a double standard in medicine that makes no sense and never should have existed. It is there only as a channel for discrimination, exploitation and abuse. A way for demented doctors (the power hungry dictators of the first world) to get their kicks while still feeling self righteous and deserving of praise for all the 'good' work they are doing damaging peoples lives to feed their addiction. They can claim that your difference of opinion is in fact an illness which enables them to have power over you. This is known as sectioning. Once they have sectioned you they have absolute power over you under the eyes of the establishment and can confine and restrain you against your will. They say you don't have the 'capacity' to make your own decisions about your life because you are not making the decisions they want you to make. Your rights are less than a criminal, although you have done nothing wrong. Tell me, how this injustice can be considered right. It is these professional who are in fact the criminals and should be the ones who are confined for their crimes and acts against freedom and humanity. It is clear that what they are doing is wrong but it is cleverly disguised as if it is good and kind. People have their right to own their own life and do with it as they wish as long as they don't endanger the lives and freedoms of others. These doctors are mere mortal human beings just like everyone else and do not have the right to own the lives of others. For so many years this injustice has been shrouded and ignored, the voices of its victims ushered and disgraced and labelled as madness, to protect the establishment and allow it to continue with its wrong doings.
How many more lives must suffer at the hands of these doctors and this evil system. Together we must put an end to this injustice. We must rise up against the establishment and start a revolution. As a society we must demand our right to freedom. Doctors should not be given this power. We all own our own life and all treatment should only be given with explicit consent. Please help this cause and sign this petition and stop this system from damaging so many more lives in the future. Our voices will not be ushered any longer. Together we will be heard. Together we can make a change. Together we can win our freedom.

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