Warn Consumers of Products Tested on Animals

  • by: Chelsea Kasmiskie
  • recipient: President Obama, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

I am concerned about the number of signatures needed to make this petition heard by the President, Senate and House of Reps., if you can offer any insight, please email me by clicking my name, Thank you!

Animal testing is in most cases an unnecessary act that is still being carried out by dozens of companies in the United States. Cosmetics do NOT need to be tested on animals, it is not required. Cosmetic companies only need to substantiate their products safety, which can be done in other means. Products that do need to be tested should be tested on who they are intended for, it is unfair to take animals and subject them to harm only for our benefit.

As far as drugs, the ones that are deemed as safe for the animals they are tested on then end up failing 92% of human clinical trials. The testing of cosmetics, medical devices, cleaners, ect. on animals - mainly, but not solely on rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs , reptiles and monkeys results in over 100 million cases of what would otherwise be animal abuse and torture in just a single year.

Other countries including Europe, India and Israel have banned cosmetic animal testing. I have high hopes that the U.S. will follow suit, but until then, make all companies that do test on animals say so on their product labels. Please make it easier for those who do not want to support the cruelty of animal testing to be informed as they are buying their products, as the list of companies is very long, and honestly difficult to keep track of.

Some of the companies still testing on animals are: Almay, Aveeno, Chapstick, Lysol, Maybelline, Caress, Kiehls, Revlon, Arm & Hammer, Glade, Tide, Windex, Mary Kay, L'oreal, Clorox, Vicks, Stila, Cover Girl, St.Ives, Febreze, Dove, Listerine, M.A.C., Pampers, Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Tresemme, Clean and Clear, Coppertone, Comet, Johnson & Johnson, Secret, Victorias Secret, Old Spice, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, OPI, Essie, Oil of Olay, Suave, Neutrogena, Gilette, Dial, Clinique, Coach, Dior, Alberto V05, Oxy Clean, Trojan, Kaboom, Glad, Burts Bees, Pine-sol, Colgate, Palmolive, K-Y, Nicorette, Rembrandt, Rolaids, Kleenex, Pull-Ups, Mars, ect.

( Visit here for a longer list http://veganrabbit.com/list-of-companies-that-do-test-on-animals/ )

Please realize that all of this testing is not necessary and only harms, causes pain, suffering, isolation and even the death of countless numbers of animals every single day. Please let consumers make informed decisions about the products they buy by stating the products testing on their labels.

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