We Demand Action Against the Backyard Breeding Zoo - DEW Haven!

  • by: Kristina Snyder
  • recipient: Jim Connolly, Director, Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

DEW Haven breeds their animals, takes the babies from their mothers, and exploits them for profit.The conditions at DEW are horrible: rotting carcasses, inadequate fencing, and dismal cages. There have been numerous complaints filed as a result. Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is required to oversee the wildlife at DEW and has failed in their duties to protect these animals.

For instance, in 2014 people paid $50 to feed weeks old tiger cubs, a clear violation of their exhibit permit and they were simply told to stop! However, DEW still lets people come personally to their house and pet cubs, as proven by people's personal photos shared every day.

Bob and Julie Miner owners of DEW, take infant exotic animals and carry them around town and into public establishments, which is clearly against the law. In 2002 animals were seized and egregious conditions were photographed and documented by a whistleblower, an example in the photo with this petition. Despite these offenses DEW remained operational. If Maine IF&W had done their job, DEW would have ceased to operate and many animals would have been saved from suffering and abuse. 

Now DEW Haven is the location for a contrived reality show called Yankee Jungle which airs on Animal Planet produced by Lone Wolf Media. They have hired actors, staged scenes, and glorify the breeding, stealing, and selling of baby animals.

Please sign this petition and get Maine IF&W to do its job and protect these animals!

Update #56 years ago
Public comment is open until June 17th on new wildlife in captivity proposals. Please e-mail Becky.Orff@maine.gov on how you are for these new proposals and want places like DEW Haven held accountable if they do not comply. Be polite but also mention how Maine will be off of your list of vacation spots if animal abuse continues at DEW Haven without consequences for those actions. You can also call 207-287-5202 with your comments. Again, please be polite but firm. Thanks!
Update #46 years ago
This petition will be presented at a public hearing to Maine IF&W on Tuesday June 7th in Augusta. Please continue to contact Director James Connolly james.connolly@maine.gov and Commissioner Chandler Woodcock chandler.woodcock@maine.gov and let them know the reckless breeding and sub-par conditions at DEW Haven are unacceptable. Thank you
Update #36 years ago
Yankee Jungle has been cxld. Please continue to contact Director, james.connolly@maine.gov and the Commissioner. chandler.woodcock@maine.gov about DEW Haven and why Maine IF&W did not shut them down for good! Here is the article that exposed DEW Haven!
Update #26 years ago
Despite our emails there has been no statement from ME IF&W. Please call Director Jim Connolly @ 207-287-5259 and politely ask him why DEW Haven has been allowed to have publicly documented unsafe cages, unsanitary conditions, reckless breeding, and unfettered public interaction with exotic wildlife in their home. Thank you!
Update #16 years ago
Please email the Director, james.connolly@maine.gov and the Commissioner. chandler.woodcock@maine.gov and request them to answer for why the allow this breeding backyard zoo to continual break the law without consequence! They are responsible for protecting these animals and are failing miserably! So far they have ignored all requests! Unacceptable!
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