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    We want the government to over throw Christian religion based on current judicial law that it is in humane, could cause animal cruelty based on old 'law' and because it is a hate text it can cause racial discrimination and hate towards races of people and cultures.

    We present these findings of fact:

    1. The OT as we all can read it has laws that were unfit for their time, acts and laws of animal cruelty as well as human cruelty,

    2. For practicing in some similar manner to today's terrorists and for even looking like or being like unto them;

    3. Being speculative in text, even with other "holy books" such as the quran or torah, books of enoch and book of jubilee, and other "holy" scrolls, for having these beings existed in such fashion as described in the "gospels" as they are -- even as history books document the same or similar passages, which based on how their presented creates a spirituality or religion of defamation and sadism, which should be just as unlawful now as it was then.

    4. Finding that Christianity itself is not the actual practice of a man named in
    English Christ Jesus, or Jesus Christ, but it came into being later after the man's death, which was Either an act of murder and was seen as a "holy gesture" to pay for people sins and being forever in the company of the twelve apostles which has a certain amount of pedophilism to it's nature. This man having a description not unlike a terrorist of today's world or ethics of similar nature, who went about in his day performing miracles which is technically like disturbing the peace which is unlawful by today's standards as it caused multitudes and attention to his arrival in towns. Not being actually white english of a Caucasian ancestry as is depicted in modern times.

    5. "Jesus Christ" having said he is the son of God, which under saudacee law is prohibited they did not believe in an afterlife or being in the spirit after death. Which may have caused him to be arrested and mocked by millions or thousands of people. Jesus death or murder is a Holy event which under today's judicial law you should not glamorize a murder.

    6. There is no factual way a man or God can die for people's sins. Not only was the former Christianity doctrine lying, but it defeats the purpose of basic spirituality. If a spiritual leader lies to his people, and continues he should be punished by the law, religious or otherwise.

    7. Waiting on a man to be raised from the dead, holy or otherwise is still considered spiritism of the bible of saudacee law and it states that it is a grave sin to practice. This is some way watch service which is how wakes started. Regardless if he was alive in the tomb and undergoing some form of ritual or he was dead within and came back to life is unmoral, sick minded, sadistic, and not right of the mind. Going up to see and be with the father sounds like the man was on drugs and or out of his mind and mental. This is still not good to do in today's age and seen as grave robbing aspect or desecration of the spirit and flesh, and is sickening.

    8. Recognizing "Christianity" as a "holy" death cult, in which we "ask this dead man raised up in spirit" to be our savior and keeper of our "soul" which we can not give away actually, to teach us good as if we did not know it, when we do, based on the findings of these facts I ask the United States Senate and or Congress or both and beyond to seek the judicial matter and over turn the holy bible as some out dated text that outside of proverbs itself is useless to us as it technically could and does more harm that good. "Christians" memorize this stuff and quote it on forums, facebook and other places, they slam other religions and spiritualities and judge others when this is not their right to do so. It creates hate wars and crimes. It sparks people to vandalize and burn down temples and churches and to enter within and shoot others for no apparent reason. These are crimes of the spirit and the flesh and it starts with an untruthful commission and it snowballs until finally we realize this for what it is, a Genology text in the beginning and then an unlawful law, and then finally a murdering offense for some male witch that ran around the desert.

    Then a "holy crusade" of religion based on his teachings in which has sparked hatred and wrong doing since that time.

    I ask that the Christian Religion, doctrine and such outside of the proverbs be turned over and be struck down by the favoring of the Courts and Government, just as it is legal to place other sacred religious relics and such on state grounds I ask for The Country to over turn Christianity as a hate religion before it is too late to do so.

    Thank You
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