Police Unions Are Paying to Make Murder Charges Disappear

Surprise: officers who murder civilians while on the job don't want to be prosecuted for these deadly crimes. That's not a huge shock, but what is mindblowing is what police unions are doing about it. All across the country, police are funneling money into political campaigns specifically designed to remove and recall elected officials who try to hold them accountable.

And in many places, these efforts are working.

Trying to remove authorities who uphold the law and protect the lives and safety of civilians is a truly chilling move by police unions. Protecting killers shouldn't be their top priority and is a disturbing conflict-of-interest.

That's why lawmakers should step in to ensure that police unions are not allowed to spend money to fund this corruption! Sign the petition now!

Police brutality and terror continues to haunt people all over the U.S. Just recently, we learned about offices who chose to shoot and kill an autistic teenager in California, while the FBI and Justice Department unearthed a 20-year campaign of intentionally torturing and sexually assaulting residents in Mississippi.

Right now, in Minnesota, a district attorney is attempting to hold officers accountable after a state trooper carried out a deadly shooting against a Black man during a traffic stop, revealing evidence that shows there was no justification for the use of deadly force.

So what are police unions in Minnesota trying to do? They're pressuring the governor to remove the district attorney immediately.

But no one should be above the law. Accountability is deeply important - especially for the people who are so-called "law enforcement." The people who are supposed to uphold the laws and protect the public should not be pouring money into efforts to stop the enforcement of laws. If they can simply pay to have justice-minded authorities removed, then where does their power stop? Who is safe from them?

No one should be able to pay to make murder charges disappear. That would be a harrowing world indeed, and we must prevent it from becoming more of a reality than it already is. For police to pay to remove the very people keeping them in line is a clear case of corruption - and in this case, deadly corruption. We should all feel very frightened about this. What's to stop them if no one can hold them to the law?

No police union should be allowed to fund efforts to block the accountability of murderous, law-breaking cops. We demand an equal, just, and fair society where all members of the public are protected from harm - including from harm at the hands of police! Sign the petition now.
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