Ban the importation of shark fins in Montreal, Now!

In memory of Rob Stewart.

Our oceans are facing many issues but shark finning is one that we cannot afford to ignore any longer, our sharks are disappearing and 1/4 of open water sharks are facing extinction. Shark Finning has been illegal in Canada since 1994 but the shark fin trade is still ongoing. We must stop the importation in our country, and in the city of Montreal to practice sustainability and allow our ecosystems to regenerate. Sharks are essential for life on earth because they create a balance in the ocean, without them, fish would eat all the plankton and we would lose 50% of our oxygen. Remove the top predators keeping an ecosystem healthy and it will collapse. A world without sharks means a world without life in the ocean and less oxygen on earth.

In Canada, many restaurants still serve shark fin soup and this must stop, to live in a healthy environment for us, and generations to come. Shark Finning is a horrible practice where the sharks have their fins sliced off and their bodies dumped overboard, where they slowly suffocate and die or get eaten by other predators. Luckily an alternative was found and this soup can be made with a synthetic substance without having to kill 73 000 000 sharks a year to make a soup which the fins only give a texture too.

An analysis of shark fins from Florida waters found high concentrations of BMAA, a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig's disease. The importation of shark fins should be banned in Montreal to protect its citizens from such health problems but also to preserve shark species.

A bill was introduced and is now in the Senate to ban all importation of shark fins in Canada which would end all trade in our country. If everyone contacts their local representative and ask them to support Bill S-238, we could win and have this bill go to the house of commons and perhaps make this a reality. We ask that each city and province join us in this fight.

Help me make Montreal Fin free.


Update #82 years ago
Last night, the Senate Fisheries Committee passed amendments to the Fisheries Act to ban shark fins in Canada! Bill C-68 now includes a #FinBanNow and has the opportunity to become law!

In the coming weeks, Bill C-68 to amend the Fisheries Act will be moving through the Senate and heading to the House of Commons for one final vote before it becomes law.

Please continue to add your voice and share this with your friends and family. We are so close!
Update #72 years ago
Hi guys,

We won the first battle, it was just announced that bill S-238 to stop shark fin import and export in Canada passed the Canadian Senate and is now in the House of Commons. The fight is not over, Montreal is supporting our cause but we are still pressuring them and the rest of Canada to make this bill a reality. Thank you for supporting this petition, Bill S-238 and caring about our sharks and oceans. I will send another update if the bill comes in effect.

Update #63 years ago
Hi everyone.Sorry for late update, we can only send 5 and I waited to get this far with the petition to send one. The bill is in its 3rd reading in the Senate and will enter the House of Commons soon and we are keeping this petition active for now. We managed to get 118K but I want to reach 150k before sending in my signatures. Senator Michael MacDonald supports our cause & we can win and make a #finfree Canada!Keep sharing! Next update will be when bill enters house of Commons.Thank you again!
Update #53 years ago
Hi everyone,

I am sorry that it took me so long to give your an update. We have been ignored my all media and journalists and its sad to say that they wont to silence our voice but we wont back down. Bill S-238 is in its 2nd reading at the Senate...there is still hope, even if people are completely ignoring this cause and acting like nothing is going on. I am going to approach a friend of mine to help me promote this petition once we reach 100 000 signatures.

Thanks guys for caring.
Update #24 years ago
Hi everyone,

We just reached 10 000 supporters. I am so grateful for your help. I started with a Montreal petition and I have decided to do a Nationwide one aslo, if you could go to the link below sign and share it. I would really appreciate it. This is for our future, we need to unite as one here!

Thank you again for all your support.

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