Help Save the Polar Bears...

Imagine if your home was melting.  That's what polar bears are experiencing right now.  You may have heard of bewildered polar bears walking on ice that used to be strong, and falling through into the water.  Thinning ice is also reducing polar bears' hunting ground, and scientists now worry that changing conditions may be also affecting their breeding, which could hasten their path to extinction.

Many scientists now believe that unless the effects of climate change and other environmental stressors are addressed urgently, polar bears could disappear in the wild before the end of this century.  That's why it's critical we take action now to save them from extinction.

As someone who wants to make a difference for wildlife, to help polar bears and other animals survive climate change, you need to know that your an effective organization that will spend your donations wisely and create real solutions for wildlife.

WWF is one of the leading conservation organizations in the world. At WWF, over .83 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to program activities.  And while we're headquartered in Washington, D.C., our scientists and other staff are located in over 100 countries around the world, doing the critical "muddy boots" work to study animals and ensure for their survival.

At WWF we work with scientists, governments and industries to create effective solutions to combat climate change.  Our research indicates that by taking critical action now, we can continue to meet all global energy needs projected through 2050, while reducing global warming and avoiding catastrophic climactic consequences for humans and wildlife.

So sign this petition and we can help save these beautiful animals. I think that there is no reason we can't help. To sign your name to this is showing you care and want these animals and other wildlife to get help from Global Warming. We need to get the word out to save them. You can also go to and make donations to help save them as well by giving scientists more funds for their research. That is up to you. We just need to get the word out with our petition so please help and save a life.
Mr. President,
      We the undersigned need your help in funding more scientist to help figure out the solution to slow down global warming. We need to save animals like the polar bears from extintion. Please listen to all of us as we are their voice to save their lives and homes. Thank you for the time you take to read this letter. We can all make a difference if we try.
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