Help Give a Voice to Our Voiceless!

  • by: Kim Pierre
  • target: Prince Rupert City Councillors and Mayor

For decades, hundreds of cats and kittens have been living on the streets of Prince Rupert, B.C.  They are either born into this hardship, or left to fend for themselves by irresponsible people.  They suffer from treatable ailments like colds and infections and die alone and in pain.  Others suffer at the hands of viscious attacks and unspeakable horrors that no animal, no being should ever suffer; being set on fire and burned, hung from bridges, wrapped in bags and thrown into the harbour!

For decades, we have tried to get the City of Prince Rupert to assist in helping these poor creatures; to create feeding stations, a TNR (Trap Neuter Return) program.  Year after year requests were turned down; each and EVERY time!  More recently the new non-profit organization CRAS has also been requesting assistance on the same matters.  Our local SPCA has even approached them with an offer of a TNR Program (matching funds); their response was "No".  The population of the cats on our streets is continuing to increase; citizens of our community continue to "dump" cats and kittens all over the city, out our highway, and in neighboring communities.  City council and the mayors have been FULLY AWARE of all of this for DECADES yet they continue to deny it exists; they refuse to "hear the facts" when they are presented; they need to help clean up the problem the citizens of this community have created.  They "refuse" to help fix a problem they have helped create.  They don't seem to want to admit that these poor animals are there and suffering and the that a solution is at their disposal.

The mayor and city council of Prince Rupert MUST STEP UP!  Many citizens have spent thousands and thousands of their own hard-earned dollars to help these animals, but we cannot do this alone.  The city has known for years of the suffering of the cats and kittens of Prince Rupert.  Due to the fact that they continue to ignore these abandoned cats and kittens, the population has grown exponentially, and they are being horribly murdered by poisoning and shooting; they are dying from starvation and treatable ailments!  As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  By doing nothing, the city condones the abuse of our homeless animals.  By doing nothing, the city contributes to the suffering of its voiceless citizens.  The mayor and city council need to be shown that ignoring the suffering of the cats and kittens, for turning away offers of help, only hurts our community; the citizens of the community need to see that our city has pride and wants to help "ALL" of its citizens.  By stepping up and helping end this suffereing, they show the citizens they govern that they too can be proud of our community!

Other communities in the north, with smaller populations and even less infrastructure that Prince Rupert, have succesfully enacted TNR programs......WHY CAN'T RUPERT?!

Speak up now and tell the people we elected that we need to save the forgotten cats and kittens of Prince Rupert; BEGIN A TNR PROGRAM, place feeding stations throughout the city and help fund low cost spay/neuter programs for low income families!  By signing our petition, you are a voice for these forgotten creatures, who, through no fault of their own, are suffering needlessly.  Help us help them......speak out and tell council we need a TNR program!

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