Demand to end gang stalking

    I was having my motorhome repaired Penticton BC September 2016 when a block watch drove by and phone the police jarett cottrell RCMP and told them that I had a gun and I was breaking into motorhomes I was leaving my motorhome two police cars pulled in front of me jumped out with their guns on me demanding I exit the vehicle I said no problem what's the problem they handcuffed me demanding where are the guns as they were searching me they were lifting my handcuffed arms up behind my back forcing me down on the hood of the police vehicle losing my footing causing me to fall to the ground all the while I was pleading with them that it was my motorhome I've been here for three months I have the registration and insurance for it under my shirt in my wallet I had spoke with other officers in the previous three months the local security and block watch they were not interested in this they became violent pick me up threw me across the pavement on my face one officer ran and jumped on my back holding me in place for the other 260-pound officer to run and jump on my upper back this is cuz my paralysis and loss lower bodily functions the officers went and talked to the owner of the business that allowed me to park my motorhome on his business while having repairs done and came back and told me "yes we investigated and it is your motorhome no charges you can go'''', I filed a complaint with the civilian review and complaints commission for the RCMP to no avail ,I finally tried to apply for compensation for my injuries from victims services and the victims assistance program to no avail as I didn't know this program existed and they only have a one-year time limit as I feared for my life after this incident and still do and basically have been harrased from one town to the next the police or no other organizations have informed me of the victims assistance program which seems to be a conflict of interest anyway because the Attourney Generals department oversees victims assistance program and as far as I understand the RCMP also on a separate incident one month later after i moved from Penticton immediately before having repairs completed fearing for my life, again I was assaulted I believe in connection with the first incident by a Jared Reay of Rock Creek rammed my truck and then rammed the gate of my friend's place hitting me causing stitches in my thumb the police attended they told me they recommended charges against him but according to Crown Council there were never any charges filed against him from constable Charles and constable Victoria, I also filed a file what's civilian review complaints commission for RCMP in regard to this incident of officers being derelict in their duty in charging this person, presently I am bed bound now
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