The beginning of desert Storm yes the military fight

Did you know that the reason why we went into desert Storm is because someone wanted to illegally inherit United States of America. Today you can find Hillary Clinton going into Queen University it's not a city like in New York but transsexual  does act like a gangster.
She wants to be a queen of the United States of America. using my family insurance and and making it funds is not good . fundraiser! proven to you by recorded and conferences in cyber department. by law a politician is not supposed to be asking or soliciting to  family homes for money to get supported.
It is illegal for the reason that the person receiving the money from the person not into politics but contributing can easily lose their home.
Or can be misled into something else in their pathology. They can also be responsible for something legal that Hillary Clinton has done cause of Hillary Clinton killing people in the White House it could have gave her gas into her car to get away.
Let me get back to desert Storm The sands were never supposed to had been messed report in 1920. In the graphs something about the graphs it was not completed . A consignment definition is a person that had given something to do with their name on it.
I Tina, believe Hillary Clinton violated that.
There was another story that a person inline in family line was supposed to be a military and someone intercepted and took the military status and ruin the family that had then online and recorded.
I did not want to go into The meat market it was a picket fence that had the real story and it was just another story but in Spanish we're here in the United States and we're of all colors in our language in tongues. Did they violate that yes they did.
Did you know about the White House along the side of the White House near the science room inside the White House this is documentary in history video that along side of the White House there was a family line and names of the family that the message never reached inside because of someone thinking of embezzling and stealing identity and The killing began. It was valderrama and some other names. But they did come in unity with United States of America.
Let me know when you get all this information I Tina need it cleared up once again.
Did you know the families first or last name a to z no one was able to embezzle you or say that you are rude or sloppy or nasty dirty without thinking of giving you discipline and showing you how to iron shower comb your hair. Well military Came in. And of course a person that is jealous and thought to take what was not theirs didn't care how you looked as long as you just were there to embezzle if you did not know your story your pathology speaking for myself. With relatives grandparents of you United States military.
Rules and regulations were on the line when there is rules and regulations on the line why did someone step up to state that they were going to do the rules and regulations if they are not the title or consign first into the situation.
Can you tell me if this is going on today or can you think about this for a moment this is what I'm hearing and this is what is actually and has taken place accordingly to the United States military and documents inside the White House. Recording and conference are requested to be heard from cyber department.ftc61265318

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