vote for earth balanced projects in wave free zones

  • by: Estella Miller
  • recipient: small rural towns in the U.S.A. and Congress

VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS ( in wave free zones ).      
To Vote: type in Also 2nd petition or CLICK on them.                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                             VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS ( In wave free zones )                                                                                                      

Such as NATURAL GRAVITY FLO WATER projects, that install wells on the mountains edge, AT THE TOPS OF THE MOUNTAINS.. Mountains are natural water storage tanks, made by nature. ( we can help nature ). Once the wells are installed, on the top of the mountains edge, MAKE STAIR STEP CATCH BACINS,, From the top of the mountains to the bottom. With safety screens so nothing falls into the bacins. The water stair step bacins made to look natural, to help stop the mountains from erosion,and blend in. LET THERE BE WATERFALLS FROM BACIN TO BACIN, From the top of the mountain to the bottom.( let the water flow from the tops of the mountains) which also helps slow down the flash flood waters. Slow the water down and catch the snow melt, so that it does not rush down in a flash flood, and sink and leach into the sand so fast,to the underground water table. SLOW THE WATER DOWN, at a slower timeing flo pace, enouf to water the surface of the ground, before it soaks in. ( no poisons and no pestacides allowed ) Hooray !! for man made waterfalls, lakes, rivers, garden ponds and water features, natural gravity flo pressure fountains, caves and mountains, alot of people friendly recreational caves should be made behind the waterfalls, also all that COPYS NATURE !! Creating a SAFE BALANCED EARTH FRIENDLY ENVIROMENT. ( ONE STEP FORWARD FOR HUMAINITY, As ground insulated ELECTRICITY GENERATED BY WATERFALLS is safer for WAVE FREE ZONES. Humans have a right to live in BALANCED ENVIROMENTS , ( In wave free zones ) away from cell tower waves bounceing off solar panel farms, pesticides and other environmental hazards to human health. Also make a bacin on the top of the mountain and have one of the lower bacins send the water back to the top bacin in a never ending (CIRCLE OF LIFE) type design to help thru dry seasons a continueous motion. natural magnets force can be used as a waterpump to help waterflow without electricity applied as we want a wave free zone ( for WAVE FREE ZONES ) free showers,free campgrounds,free bathrooms, TPS ,TENTS,(noone gos without or is denighed basic cleanliness in wave free zones) and small cottages  AND HOUSES. NOT HOUSE NEXT TO HOUSE ( a imbalance ) or ( FIELD NEXT TO FIELD)a imbalance (ref.B ) It needs to be ( a house then a field ) (a house then a field ) and so on...Thats Balance...NO CONCENTRATED IMBALANCEING, ( like planting all one type of plant or tree ) as VARIETY and DIVIRSITY add to SURVIVAL !! Then good bugs will eat bad bugs and relationships between people will improve as organic agriculture in the fields between the houses will be the healthy focus, taught from early  healthy childhood by neighboorhood organic agriculture schools, IN WAVE FREE ZONES. Also study poison control and disease prevention in humans, animals and plants, And have major focus on that also in the schools, See man made caves and earth sheltered houseing.STRONG STRUCTURE EARTH SHELTERED HOUSEING FOR WAVE FREE ZONES (Natural Healing) The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations and the herbs of the feild are for mans medicine.(Ref.Jer.) to help earth BALANCE. You may print out these petitions and copy them,and present them to whomever you wish and get more signers, as thats what they are for.E.M. (HELP) Lets get 100,000 signatures on the ballet.Also see other petition titled VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES,this is (VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS IN WAVE FREE ZONES).mail or write to E.F.M. 584 Lucerne Valley California 92356 

Update #18 months ago
2nd petition VOTE FOR EARTH BALANCED PROJECTS IS REOPENED NOW YOU MAY SIGN, also you may sign the first petition titled VOTE FOR WAVE FREE ZONES At
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