Justice and Punishment for Military Sheep Beating

U.S. soldier savagely beat a gentle, helpless, and blindfolded sheep to death while his comrades cheered him on. These "men" have no honor and know no shame. They need to be identified and punished for this barbaric and evil crime.

This is not the first incident of the military's brutal treatment of animals caught on video. The military's purpose is to serve and protect its country, not blow up dogs or throw them off cliffs or beat up farm animals. This needs to be stopped.

Please join my cause to demand justice for the military sheep beating: http://www.causes.com/causes/645163-demand-justice-for-military-sheep-beating/

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Thank you.

We the undersigned strongly request that there be an investigation into and punishment for the military sheep beating incident.

In November 2011, a video surfaced on the Internet showing a U.S. soldier's savage beating of a gentle, helpless, and blindfolded sheep to death while the soldier's comrades watched and laughed. 

There can be no justification for this barbaric and evil crime. And this is not the first incident of brutality on animals by our military "men" that have been caught on video. Other videos of its kind include American troops blowing up dogs or throwing dogs off cliffs. Such videos continue to circulate online and these soldiers are a disgrace to the U.S. Military and all Americans. 

Is it not a soldier's duty to "always do what is right with respect to the law and to high moral standards"? 

What these "men" exhibit in the video is no respect for the law and no sense of moral duty.

Animal cruelty IS punishable by law and in some states it is a felony. These troops may be in another country but they are there as part of the U.S. military and expected to behave like Americans. 

We have had enough of this and will tolerate no more. 

Please, we urge you, our President, to show your compassion for innocent and defenseless animals. Please do everything in your power to identify these "men" and punish them to the full extent of the law. We do not want them masquerading as heroes upon returning to our country. 

Thank you very much for your time.


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