LAST CALL Demand Bravo TV to Stop Supporting Elephant Crushing & Other Animal Abuse!

  • by: Emily Ann
  • recipient: Bravo Executives: Andy Cohen, VP Lara Spotts Jenn Levy and Kathleen French

This petition demands that Bravo TV pull it's upcoming episode of 'Tour Group' which promotes elephant riding in Thailand. 

Background info:  Bravo Television has a new reality series entitled 'Tour Group' which documents the travels of a group of people to attractions across the world.  One episode features riding elephants in Thailand.  Bravo TV is watched by millions of people across the world and is most known for 'The Real Housewives' franchise.

What's Wrong With Riding Elephants?  Elephant rides recently topped World Animal Protection's list of the world's 10 most cruel animal attractions.  In order to train elephants to give tourists rides, babies are subjected to what is known as phajaan, or "elephant crushing".   This heartbreaking process leaves the babies scarred by physically and mentally for life.

What Will Pulling the Episode Do? With millions of viewers globally, this episode will effectively serve as a giant advertisement for the 'elephant trekking' industry.  You can't pay for more premium ad space anywhere.  Airing the episode will not only inspire people to go elephant trekking on their vacation, it will also send the message that this type of violence against animals is ok.

When is the episode supposed to air?  The series premiers on March 1st.  I am unsure about the exact date this particular episode is supposed to air.  Hopefully it never does.

What Else Can I Do? 

Tweet Sheet:

Post on their facebook page:

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Dear Bravo Executives:

We are a group of citizens demanding you pull the episode featuring elephant rides from your new show 'Tour Group'.  The amount of suffering these animals face is on a whole other level of cruelty.  In fact, riding elephants has just been identified by the World Animal Protection as the number 1 of their top 10 list for cruel animal attractions.

We emplor you to read the following articles about this cruel industry, and more importantly, immediately pull the episode and stop showing scenes of the elephants in your promotional clips. 

This isn't the first time your viewers have been outraged for your sheer disregard for animal rights.  You've already featured elephant rides in two other of your Housewives show and a lion at Candy Tucker's wedding that couldn't even fit in it's legs in the cage.  You have heard our complaints and have not cared.  If you continue ignoring our pleas, we will have no other choice but to boycott your network completely.  We ask you to be a responsible corporation and do the right thing.  If you can look at the picture of the elephant above being tortured and think that's ok, then by all means, air the episode.  But if there's apart of you that's sickened by that photo, please pull the episode. 

Update #54 years ago
Hello ele-friends, I have an update. As of this week, Bravo has pulled Tour Group series in order to "revamp" it. It will be edited and re-released on May 10th. Although I can't confirm whether Bravo will be removing the ele trekking episode, it is unprecedented for Bravo to pull an entire series to edit it two episodes in. Please continue to sign and share. Tweet @bravotv or post a message on Tour Group's fb page:
Update #44 years ago
Hello elephant lovers! The letter to Bravo TV has been mailed. Visit to check it out! Tues is the series premier, I do not know when the elephant trekking episode is scheduled to be aired. Fingers crossed it isn't. Keep signing and sharing! <3<3<3
Update #34 years ago
seemingly coming to a screeching hault. remember to share! The elephants are trained to be ridden after going through the breaking process pictured above.
Update #24 years ago
You guys are the BEST! I <3 reading your comments & have been tweeting many to Bravo. To be clear, the episode will not show the elephants being beaten. During the show, the cast visits an ele trekking co in Thailand and rides the elephants. In order for them to be manageable to give rides, they go through a "breaking process" which is pictured below.
Update #14 years ago
TY for signing my petition to have Bravo TV pull it's episode from 'Tour Group' which promotes riding elephants in Thailand.I am very happy to see nearly 1700 sigs in a little over 2 days. Plz sign & share to as many as possible. Remind them registration to this site is not needed and they can fill in a fake address if they'd like. I've been posting the comments you're making to Bravo's FB account and will include them in a letter I'm sending off to Bravo's Viewer Relations Department.

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