Demanding Stricter Animal Abuse Laws & Harsher Punishments for the Abuser

  • by: Evelyn Saranzak
  • target: The Obama Administration, Pa. Sen. Robert Tomlinson, Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick & Rep Frank Farry

Every second there are a huge number of innocent animals suffering pain worse than you or I could ever imagine at that hands of "so-called" hands throughout the world. Rather than educate themselves & do something to help these poor animals-people just ignore the horrific nightmare & do nothing to help. Sadly, this inaction actually helps abusers continue their cruelty unhindered.

There is more suffering from animal cruelty happening all over the world than people realize with hundreds of millions of animals suffering horifically at the hands of "so-called" humans that seem to think they have every right to treat animals this way.

Animals are beaten, starved, tortured, neglected & even killed. Fur Farms, Farms, Entertainment Animals are treated horribly and inhumanely. Too many are in such pain and suffer beyond words. Cruelty to animals in Asia is appalling with dogs and cats being boiled ALIVE and eaten for food--after being beaten to tenderise teh meat while its alive. Then there's animal experimentation--that's just so cruel and causes animals so much suffering. I could go on and on with the heartbreaking way poor innocent animals are treated in the U.S. and worldwide.

These poor animals are defenseless. They feel pain just like we do. Animals were a gift from God. Is this how we treat his gift???? If enough of us voice our opinions on creating stricter animal abuse laws, much harsher punishments for the abusers & start boycotting from other countries--we can make a difference in the lives of these poor creatures. It cannot go on like this.

PLEASE I desperately need your voice-your help-PLEASE sign my petition. At least you won't be ignoring the problem--you'll be doing something to help.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day!!!!!!    Evelyn

Dear Obama Administration & Sen. Robert Tominson-We the signers of this petition are pleading with you to create stricter animal abuse laws, much harsher punishments for the abusers & boycotting countries that treat their animals to horrible for words.

Animals were a gift from God and to treat them as way too many people treat them is a "sin."  We the decent human beings need to speakup for these poor innocent deffenseless animals & DO SOMETHING to help put an end to the torment, pain, suffering & killing of these poor animals.

PLEASE take this petition to heart. It's very important that changes are made. Things keep getting worse. Lets take steps to improve the lives of theses suffering animals.

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