Investigate and Close Down Animal Care & Control Kill Shelters of NYC

  • by: Belinda Britton
  • recipient: Mayor Bill de Blasio, City Hall, New York. NY 10007

These Kill Shelters are your worst nightmare. They take in Healthy adoptable Cats, of which most are listed as strays and it's quite clear they are not strays weighing 10lbs with no signs of flea infestation or ear mites. Some even with flea collars on, suggesting they are owned.
Most of these cats end up dead!

They take in owner surrenders and those cats get 72 hours before they are put on the kill list, they also don't tell the people surrendering their cat, that in 72 hours it will be on the euthanasia list, and the owner thinks their beloved cat will be rehomed, because they take details of all the cats likes and dislikes, deceiving the owner into believing that their cat will be rehomed! This also gives no time to any owners out their looking for their lost cats to ever find them! Most cats that appear on the euth list have never been shown before, which gives them just 1 night to find a home or an owner.

They also quite recently had a cat there (linda in photo) who obviously belonged to a TNR group as the cats left ear had been tipped, TNR cats are all microchipped and the tipping of the left ear signifies this, meaning this cat most likely had a family somewhere too, This cat was killed 4 days after being brought in! They often state that some of the cats can't be scanned for a microchip because of being fearful.

Most of these cats get just 1 day - 72 hours for an owner to find them and save them from death. Cats are obviously frightened when they arrive there and are behaviour evaluated by prodding them with fake plastic hand, if the cat shows any sign of aggression, that cat is then put on the euth list for the next day!

NYC ACC has killed 25006 cats in the last 4 years, all of which were healthy and adoptable cats, this figure doesn't include the sick cats they killed. This is disgusting! Even more so that most of these cats most likely have a very worried owner somewhere waiting for them to come home.

We demand that these kill shelters are investigated and closed down, We want laws enforced to protect these cats from being stolen/taken and sentenced to death. This is cruel and unfair, to the cats and to the owners of missing cats who never find them again.

It's sickening! Its time to stop killing healthy adoptable pets! Please investigate these horrific animal control centres and the happy-to-kill workers. We want the senseless killings stopped NOW! or we will vote for a different Mayor to do so!

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