• by: Emily Ann
  • recipient: The executives at MTV

MTV is releasing a new series entitled 'Eye Candy' which is basically about beautiful women being stalked, sexually assaulted, tortured, and slaughtered. In typical fashion MTV executives cast two women as the detectives tasked in solving the murders of these young women in an effort to somehow classify this as empowering towards women--which is ridiculous. The fact that women are the ones who catch the sexually charged murderers does not negate the negative consequences this type of media has on the attitudes young men develop towards rape and their likelihood of committing sexually violence offenses. It's time we DEMAND corporate responsibility and hold the media accountable for the ever decreasing moral decline of society. Are we really going to allow the ever increasing decline of morality continue down the depths into a bottomless abyss in the name of ENTERTAINMENT??

I urge you to sign this petition. This is getting out of hand. There's already enough type of this stuff on the internet, we don't need it on MTV every night. MTV's primary demographic is the same demographic most likely to commit sexual offenses and programming like this only reinforces our already pervasive rape culture and increases the risk of our young girls being raped. We owe it to our future generations to put an end to this now! Enough is enough!!! Misogyny and sexism are JUST AS DANGEROUS to women as racism is to minorities yet misogyny and sexism is so pervasive most people don't even realize when it's there!! Rally together women!!
Only WE can change this. We can't wait for men to do it--that will NEVER happen!!

"the evidence that sexualized appeals in media
have little value to essential to a media company's success leads to the conclusion that public costs are not
balanced by private gains, even among the most callous and calculating executives. Practitioners
and researchers must ponder life lessons young boys and girls may discover when they regularly
view images of unattainable beauty who are subjected to such physical and sexual abuse without
recourse. Even assuming that the role of this type of media on consumers is relatively minor, what code
of conduct would support this blatant disregard?"

MTV Executives;

This petition is in regards to your upcoming new TV series 'Eye Candy' set to release in January.  We are urging you to pull this series immediately due to its sexualization of violence against women.  Furthermore we demand corporate responsibility based on the realization that "entertainment" is NOT WORTH the utteral moral bankruptcy of our society!   

Decades of research has indicated the strong correlation between media imagry depicting violence against women and men's attitude towards rape and increased propensity to committ such violence.  We have included several scholarly articles to substantiate the validity of this petition and strongly urge you review these publications.  The target market of your viewers includes the same demographic of men who are most likely to committ rape.  We live in a culture where 1 out of every 5 girls is raped before age 21.  If she goes to college the statitcs are 1 in 3.  

These girls are our futures!  Is it fair we play even the smallest type of role in having them be subjected them to the trauma of sexual assault?  Trauma which can sometimes take decades or even a lifetime to overcome?  Trauma which often brings about self mutiliation, eating disorders, drug use, depression, PTSD, inability to develop or maintain a romantic relationship, and even suicide??  One of those girls could very well be your daughter, or neice, or grand-daughter!!

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