Please Help Save Snoopy!!

Bob Johnson was walking Snoopy one day a few weeks ago when a woman lost control of her small dog. The small dog was on a leash, but no one was holding the leash! The small dog ran up to Snoopy and began attacking Snoopy, barking, growling and biting at both Snoopy and Mr Johnson.. Snoopy bit the small dog back in defense, causing the smaller dog to need TWO STITCHES. This was very obviously a defensive snap on the part of Snoopy.
One of the small dog's owners, a man, came running and began to hit Snoopy with his fist in the head and face. When Mr. Johnson was able to get Snoopy home and was making an attempt to care for his long-time and only companion, the small dog's owner came to his door and began screaming and yelling that Snoopy was a dangerous dog and needed to be controlled. 
The out-of-control man then called Deltona Animal Control. Animal Control, in accordance with county laws, confiscated Snoopy pending a hearing. We believe Snoopy was targeted by the aggressor's owner because he is a Pit Bull & felt he could get away with his accusations. With the situation being what it was, we do not believe this should have ever ended in court and Snoopy should never have been removed from the care of his life time companion. 
Mr. Johnson has gone to court where the ruling was against Snoopy. Bob Johnson paid the necessary $125 (on a very fixed income) and appealed the courts decision. The Appeal will be heard on January 25th. This county, while NOT under BSL has a very loosely worded law in place that could cost Snoopy his life. Snoopy was acting in self-defense, showed great restraint in doing so and should be returned to Bob Johnson.. We need all the help we can get in saving Snoopy and getting him back to his owner who loves him dearly!
Snoopy is currently being cared for lovingly at Halifax Humane Society in Florida. We are thankful, though he should be with Bob, that during this time of extreme stress for both Bob and Snoopy, we at least know Snoopy is receiving good care. 

This is Case #AC2011-04158 Phone # (386) 878-8701. Please help! We need all the signatures we can get! 

Also, if you contact anyone in Deltona with regard to this case, please act with dignity and respect. We KNOW how frustrating this is, and we understand the need to get a lot of anger off our chests. But remember: Our goals are best reached when we show restraint, stating our case firmly but politely.
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Thank You for signing the petition and thank you for caring about a man and his only companion.
To The City of Deltona Florida Animal Control and all officials involved in Case ac2011-04158While we understand there are several issues involved here, the bottom line in Snoopy and Bob Johnson's case (# ac2011-04158) is that Snoopy was simply defending himself and his life long companion from an aggressive smaller dog.Please look at all the facts in this case. With regard to the injuries received by the smaller dog, Snoopy and Bob Johnson should be commended for the restraint shown rather than punished.We ask that you please support all efforts to return Snoopy to his friend and companion, Bob Johnson.Respectfully Yours,The Petition Signers
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