Nj hunting public land deer drives

    Year after year we read the new laws from fish and game. In the spring we read turkey and trout and in summer it’s sea bass and strippers... We spend countless dollars on zones and species  paying for permits, licenses, etc... I grew up hunting state land (pigeon swamp in middlesex) and every year it’s been a screaming match to say the least with other hunters. People in state land don’t respect your area (that you’ve watched for months or years spent countless dollars on) but it’s just one of those things you deal with because it’s state land..... you could have the same tree for a few years and then someone claims that’s there spot! It just comes with hunting state land!... but then deer drives come. Always during 6 day fire arm or the day you took off of work to hunt the stand you spent so much time preparing!....But it doesn’t really matter when it comes on most of these state lands. Deer drives aren’t bad in a normal sense given the situation and populations... but when you hunt a stand all year and have 15 guys walk under you pushing the deer the opposite direction and to just hurt the herd that they missed last year... (the very few young ones)  It’s not right. All the deer you attracted watched grow learned there traits favorite foods etc...  50guys walk in and it’s over for the deer, the hunters who spent months/years in those woods and that’s not an exaduration. If I’m not dealing with a regular fellow deer hunter creeping in my area that I’ve spent countless hour on all year I have 50 gun touting random people pushing the deer I’ve studied day after day to the slaughter. This has happened to me personally on opening day countless years opening day or  when I used to take off from work, so the past few a lot of us expect the drives...... we take days off of work to hunt stand we pay for just to have  group of people ruin it. Us hunters stare at trail cams trying to figure out patterns and trails... traits habits etc. It’s really hurtful when Groups of people walk by like you didn’t just spend the past  6 months hanging a stand baiting, or scoping out the area having cameras It’s not right. We already have to pay our countless never ending hunting fees, and then  study the lands the deer, worry about the public bikers, hikers, pedestrians, and when they’ll make an appearance..I’ve been in pigeon swamp woods for over 20 years.  I have been on both side of the spectrum,  but enough is enough. I pay a lot of money in this state and I hunt state land and put in a lot of time. It’s sickening this is even allowed on state lands the numbers of deer these guys shoot. The slaughter that has been “legal” and going on at a lot of state parks is not right. all of that time is wasted when some random people come can push the woods and not only take a deer but the group of hunters  kills everything! I’ve called the game wardens countless times year after year and was told it’s 100% legal. There is nothing more depressing then spending hundreds of dollars countless hours and trying to do the right thing and being told by the game wardens that those random people who just killed a few heards of Deer by driving is legal and they hang up the phone on you. It’s just not right It’s not my woods and every state land hunter knows although we pay for it it’s not ours... but when any hunter can call all his friends and go on a killing spree it’s not fair to the regular paying hunters....and I’ve been hearing other people say the same about there state land woods... I’ve practically given up hunting this year because when you put so much time in and waitand wait..... it’s just not worth it when the deer drives come through when it’s opening day prime time.. or even around here when packs of people slaughter the population day after day with no respect for anyone else. I know New Jersey wants the deer population down because of the growing population but this isn’t the way to go.. It is insane that deer drives on state land are even legal. It’s dangerous for everyone unfair for the hunters who hunt stationary and extremely dangerous to our environment.
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