Shelters are overcrowded with animals...many of them on death row. When police raid homes accused of hoarding, these animals are confiscated by lies and intimidation, resulting in loving pets being needlessly murdered.

Many of these animals have lived their entire lives in these homes because "there was no room at the inn." No one else wanted them or was willing to help them. Kindhearted souls who take them in are classified as "hoarders" and charged with animal abuse. Since when is it abuse to SAVE lives? Many of these people are poor and spend what little they have trying to care for these animals out of their own pocket.

Having mercy is not a crime. Loving animals, feeding them, sheltering them is not a crime. It is emulating the love of God for all His creatures and following in the footsteps of Noah.

Many of these animals are "put down" because they are accused of being FIV positive. If true, these animals can still live long and relatively healthy lives, often reaching their teen years...the same as an uninfected cat. Animal welfare actually offers cats for adoption that are FIV positive.

Animal Control officers brutalize animals in their capture...accusing frightened ten pound cats of "attacking them." Some animals escape into the outdoors to die a slow, agonizing death of starvation or being crushed under the wheels of a car.

They are not made available to 2nd or 3rd parties who may actually own these animals. All parties involved are stripped of their rights to claim their own pets. These are confiscated and sentenced to death with the rest.

Enough of the murder! Enough of the lies and falsehoods! Who is the REAL abuser here?

 Mr. Quinn,

There has been an upsweep in animal confiscation in Illinois, particularly Cook County. Officers and animal control are not skilled in animal rescue and subsequently many of these animals are brutalized in the process of confiscating them. Laws are violated and illicit proceedures covered up by smearing the characters of the persons from whose home they were taken.

There is no excuse for unwarranted entry and seizure and the murder of innocent pets. By law, these animals should be held and cared for and retained as "evidence" for trial.

In this country we may express our inalienable right to Freedom of Religion, and frequently our belief dictates showing mercy to animals, particularly those of us of Judeo/Christian faith.

While it may be appalling to some that a person would take in strays into their home, let me remind you that our Lord was born in a stable and His first crib was a manger. The event of His birth took place during the Festival of Booths, and no doubt there were animals present to witness the birth of our Savior.

Please stop the police and animal control from brutalizing, killing, and condemning cats to death

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