Minimum Bond/No Bond Increased Jail Time for Hit and Run Resulting in Death!

  • by: Amanda Scott
  • recipient: Govenor of Texas Greg Abbott All legislators and representatives

Hit and Run, failure to stop and render aid, resulting in death is an automatic 2nd degree felony. If you run over and kill somebody and never stop, you should not have the privilege of the 8th amendment. There needs to be a minimum bond set, $750,000.00 or NO bond if there are previous felonies ! Minimum jail time of 2 years? NO WAY! Maximum is 20 years? The MINIMUM needs to be 40 years. With the fine remaining up to $10,000.00

Our daughter, Josey Lynn Scott,19 years old, was killed by a hit and run driver on Feb. 10, 2015. Like the coward he is, he left her laying there dead, in a ditch, alone. He had a bond reduction hearing on March 12, (this is his third form of a felony) and 2 hours later, he was a free man. We got our indictment on May 18th. He will be tried by jury for 2nd degree felony hit and run, failure to stop and render aid, resulting in death.  WE have a life sentence, why shouldn't he. He has shown NO remorse.

This is not just for Josey Lynn, this is for all the families, past and future, who have suffered and will suffer for their loss. While the one who killed their loved one gets a slap on the wrist. We have to get tough! We have to get this to the right people to get these laws tougher, stricter! 

I plead that there be a minimum bond set of $750,000.00 for the 2nd degree felony of hit and run, failure to stop and render aid, resulting in death. No bond if there are previous felonies. A minimum jail time of 40 years.

Update #72 years ago
Trial is over. He got 19 years. One year for every year of her life. Now I really begin to push this petition! We HAVE to get the laws changed!! And now we find that he will be up for parole on 12-4-17. We HAVE to change these laws!!
Update #62 years ago
We have to fight to get these laws changed!Our voices must be heard.If you have lost a loved one to hit and run and nothing is getting done,BE the squeaky wheel!! Make some noise.Share your story.This "slap on the wrist" with probation has to stop!If they cannot stop to render aid and call 911,WHAT are they trying to hide?Drunk driving?Under some other influence?Outstanding warrants?Illegal?I don't care what their "excuse" is because there IS NOT ONE!!!
Update #53 years ago
Sorry! Haven't been updating :'( We have arraignment hearing on Aug. 20th. PLEASE keep us in your prayers!!
Update #43 years ago
We need to keep this going! I just upped the number and extended the date! We want all the signatures we can get! Please help us fight the good fight! #JusticeforJosey !!
Update #34 years ago
We appear to have come to a standstill :( But I need to remind everybody that this is NOT just for Josey!! IF I can get these laws passed, they will be made in effect AFTER all of ours has been done. This is for FUTURE laws! Just in memory of Josey!!!Castañon was given 60 years for murder; five years for failure to stop and render aid; and five years for failing to stop, leading to death. The sentences will run concurrently. hope and pray that we see something very similar!!!
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