JUSTICE FOR SENIOR - Please investigate the death of a champion horse at the FMV Bucharest

This petition is intended to the highest ranked authorities in Romania, because allegations about suspicious activities regarding the way animals are "donated" to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest have started to surface in the Romanian Media. Even more, allegations about cruelty, neglect and suspicious "sacrifices" of animals in the name of science have also started to surface.
This is a tragic story, the story of a wonderful 18 years old former national champion horse SENIOR who was "donated" to the FMV by a person who is not his owner, but used this horse in his school for back-horse riding lessons, for a few years...Apparently the owner reclaimed  the horse but the FMV did not want to give him back ( Quote from the Dean Mr.G.Predoi : no horse will ever leave the FMV alive ")
This great horse had also some requests for adoption on the dean's desk...people wanted to save him and to let him live the rest of his life in dignity, after all those years when he served the way he did. The dean replied that he could not give for adoption a horse whom they did not own...( so, how could they kill an animal they did not own?..and why did they except him as a donation????)
Monday Dec.the 6th, this horse was killed....in secret...there are conflicting testimonies, witnesses afraid to tell the truth...and it is alleged that SENIOR had the jugular slashed without sedation...
We ask for a thorough and harsh investigation not only about the death of this horse but also about the practices at the FMV regarding the animals they use for "teaching purposes"...it appears that CRUELTY to animals is alto part of the curriculum...
The letter to the target contains the links to the Romanian media, about this case and some videos from the FMV "laboratories where they study anatomy on locally killed animals...they look like slaughter houses...
Please help us change for the better the lives of animals in Romania and bring to justice all the perpetrators...ALL


Nous demandons une investigation sans precedent dans les activites un peu "obscure" a la Faculte de Medicine Veterinaire de Bucharest , parceque de tres graves accusation sont apparues dans la media de Roumania. Il parrait qu'il y ait un sort de camouflage surtout concernant les animaux "donnes" pour enseignement.
Il y a des accusation tres graves de cruaute envers les animaux...
L'histoire tragique de ce beau cheval a declanche une reaction sans precedant et nous sommes determines de trouver la verite. SENIOR a eu 18 ans quand il a ete TUE , Lundi le 6 Dec....ce cheval a ete champion national, a ete cheval d'ecole d'equitation...Le proprietaire de l'ecole d'equitation a "donne" Senior a la FMV  sans informer son proprietaire ...Senior etait a l'ecole d'equitation pour etre utilise pour les lecons....Apparament la faculte a refuse de retourner le cheval a son proprietaire et a refuse aussi les demandes d'adopion qui ont ete faites pour le sauver et le placer dans un refuge, santuaire...Personne de tous ces gens qui etaient interesses a sauver Senior, n-a ete informee de la descision prise en grande hate l par la FMV de le "sacrifier" au nom de la sceance...
Sa mort est encore plus etrange car les temoins ont peur de temoigner, ils is a des rumeurres qu'il ait eu un infarctus, puis des problemes avec les intestins, puis qu'ils lui ont couppee la jugulaire sans anesthesie et l'ont laisse mourir ...
Nous voulons une investigation complete, severe et nous voulons que tous les gesn impliques dans des activite hors la lois de cette institution soient deferes en justice et punis selon leur degree de culpabilite.
Quand le Doyen d'une institution d'enseignement superieur commence a camufler la verite, et lui meme ne veut pas dire la VERITE....quand les condition de vie des animaux d'etude ne correspondent pas a un minimum imposes par les lois du pays...ca ne peut plus etre toleree
Le text de la petition est en anglais..il y a aussi des liens au articles parrues en Roumanie
 Distinguished Officials,
 Ladies and Gentlemen

Based on the latest news about the  DEATH of a champion horse who was living at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest as "study material" , based on the contradictory testimonies and statements given by students, faculty members and the DEAN of the institution himself : Mr. GABRIEL PREDOI, and also based on the news about how the F.V.M. Bucharest treats the animals in their care, we, the undersigned ask for a FULL Investigation into all the allegations regarding the total disregard of this institution and its members for the Romanian Laws for the protection of animals.We include all the links about this matter as they appeared in the Romanian Media.

Anything less then a FULL, OPEN AND UNBIASED INVESTIGATION will continue to raise suspicions about the treatment of animals  in the  Romanian schools of veterinary medicine as a whole,  the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest,  the FMV Bucharest and on ROMANIA as a country which tolerates far too many cases of animal cruelty  without proper investigation from the authorities in charge to apply the law. No crime against animals should remain unpunished from now on.

Please also include in your investigation the role played by Mr. Nicu Ceausescu , president on : Clubul Agroindustrial  in this very unusual situation which led to the very suspicious death of a horse who had an owner and also some adoption requests from people who could have offered him a dignified retirement.

Please investigate HOW this horse died....(was he sedated before being "sacrificed" for science, did they just cut the jugular and let him bleed to death...did he have a heart attack , did he have intestinal problems.....) this was horse was in a quite good shape on the Saturday ( Dec.4th 2010)...and was killed Monday Dec.6, without any notice given to the real owner not the potential adopters whose adoption papers were already on the desk of the Dean G.Predoi for quite a while..

There are very many dark aspects in this tragic event and we hope that the Romanian prosecutors will be able to find the truth. Please investigate thoroughly why the OWNER of this horse has no been informed about the decision taken by Mr.N.Ceausecu and recently by the FMV to kill this horse whom they did not own.

The time has come for those responsible for breaking the laws of the land to be held responsible and to be severely punished for the crimes they have been found guilty, REGARDLESS OF THEIR SOCIAL STATUS.

Links about the situation at the FVM Bucharest :

http://www.puterea.ro/news12878/index.htm ( Calul Senior,campion national a devenit din "greseala" material didactic...







The international community of animal lovers and animal rights activists from all over the world will follow up this situation and will stay in touch with people in Romania who ask justice for Senior and also who want a full review of how animals are treated ( and sacrificed ) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.

It is your duty to restore the rule of LAW and also the image of a Romanian University and also of Romania as a country know nowadays as a horrible place for the animals.

 Thank you very much for your attention

Sincerely yours


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