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Animal cruelty is getting more and more prevalent today. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it. Dog fighting, a common practice in some places is, for example is considered to be a felony in most countries. However, the punishment for such does not reflect that of a felony crime. As a result, there will always be people who will continue to neglect and abuse animals. A lot of environmental activists and concerned people believe that the law should push stronger implementation of anti-animal cruelty laws. Stronger laws mean tougher punishments, and animal cruelty offenders need to be punished using the strongest punishment allowed by law.

Most of those who show domestic violence against humans have a history of abusing animals. There are a lot of serial rapists and murderers who started out by abusing and torturing animals. When they think that they can get away with animals without any form of punishment, then they look for more challenging subjects: humans. Statistics show, based on a 1997 study by the MSPCA and Northeastern University, that 70 percent of the people who committed violent crimes against animals also had records for other crimes. When put side by side with a control group of their neighbors, the animal abusers were found five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people. Also, they are four times more likely to perpetrate property crimes, and three times more likely to have a record for disorderly conduct or drug offenses.

Most people believe that punishing animal cruelty offenders would prevent it and implementing the strictest law on them would discourage more animal cruelty. Since animals can't speak for themselves, more and more people are now taking it to themselves to advance their cause in the animals' behalf.

Animal Cruelty Law in America:

·         In Pennsylvania, cruelty has Fine of $50-$75 with imprisonment up to 90 days.

·         In Kentucky, cruelty has a fine up to $500 with imprisonment up to 1 year and torture has a fine up to $500 with imprisonment up to 1 year

·         In Minnesota, cruelty has fine up to 700 with imprisonment up to 90 days.

·         In Arizona intentional cruel neglect, Mistreatment has a fine up to $150,000 but imprisonment is only up to 1.5 years.

·         In Rhode Island unnecessary cruelty has a fine of $50-$500 with imprisonment up to 11 months.

·         In Wyoming, cruelty has a fine up to $750 with imprisonment up to 6 months and aggravated cruelty has fine up to $5000 with imprisonment up to 1 year.

·         In Missouri neglect has a fine up to $500 with imprisonment up to 15 days and abuse that includes Torture/Mutilation has a fine up to $500 with imprisonment up to 5 years.

As you can see, there are still some states that need to impose strong punishment for animal cruelty. Remember, animal cruelty is a crime. Offenders have to be punished. Our animals' safety could depend on our involvement. It could even be our own lives at the line. If you would like to find out how your state handles animal cruelty, click the following link:

Everyone who mistreats an animal:

·         should have psychological treatment

·         have to serve community service

·         be prohibited from owning another animal for a long period of tim

·         have to pay a fine over $25,000

·         Be in prison for at least 5 years.

Please help save countless animal lives and sign this petition!!!!

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