Internet pornography must be made opt-in

  • by: Ernie Stewart
  • target: Governments and CEO's of internet providers

If you want to save children from becoming addicted to internet pornography then you must sign this petition now.

  • In most locations anyone can access internet pornography at no cost and without checks.
  • 17% of women say that they struggle with pornography addiction.
  • 56% of divorce cases involve one person having an obsessive interest in porn sites.
  • Severe clinical depression was reported twice as frequently among internet pornography users as non users.
  • About 200,000 Americans are defined as porn addicts.

Addiction to pornography is real - it is not an excuse for a lack of self control. It is alomst certain that someone you know suffers. If internet users had to opt in to gaining access to internet pornography and had to pay for the privilage, and if the fact that they subscribed to this service appeared on their account, then few would do it. If you want to access an adult channel on your TV you have to pay. If you want to visit an adult shop, you have to pay, so why is it ok to stream the most hard core porn available into homes without any restrictions ..... simple MONEY!! The Internet providers make a fortune from pornography.

Is charging an attack on the freedom of the individual... no it is simply bringing the Internet ionto line with the rest of the pornography industry. The Internet providers are afraid of the amount of money they will loose and governments are afraid of the Internet providers.

Save children and save adults from what is a serious addiction problem.


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