Saudi Arabia: End Driving Ban for Women!

Saudi women's rights activists have asked women with international drivers' licenses to protest the ban on driving by doing just that, and they have been while courageously posting the evidence online. 

Called the "Women2Drive" campaign, it has its roots back in 1990 when Saudi Arabia changed the official policy to ban women from driving. During the Gulf War, Saudi women saw female soldiers driving on military bases and started a protest. They were arrested, lost their jobs, and the religious authority in the kingdom declared that driving would lead to "temptation" and "social chaos". 

In Saudi Arabia, women are treated like minors. They can't even travel or enroll in higher education without the permission of a father, husband, son, or other male. 

Technically, women are not allowed to protest or set up organizations for women's rights. But that hasn't stopped these women from fighting for what is right. 

Please tell the Saudi Arabia government to end the driving ban for women! 

Dear Saudi Arabia Government,

Right now, women are treated like minors, with major decisions like enrolling in higher education having to be approved by their fathers, husbands, sons, or other males. They cannot protest or create organizations to fight for their rights. 

However, this hasn't stopped women from protesting the ban on driving in Saudi Arabia. This got its start in 1990 when Saudi Arabia officially banned driving because during the Gulf War, women saw female soldiers driving on military bases and organized protests. These women lost their jobs and were arrested. The country said driving would lead to "social chaos" and "temptation" for these women.

Despite all of this, women in Saudi Arabia are fighting for their right to drive. Why? Because they deserve independence and freedom, and many of them miss out on opportunities like work because they aren't allowed to drive themselves, or have to spend all of their money on foreign drivers when they are perfectly capable of driving themselves

Please end the driving ban for women and support the Women2Drive campaign.

Thank you for your time. 

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