Steve-O, STOP Promoting the 'Bully Breed's' Bad Image!

 A clip from the show 'Killer Karaoke' promoting to the public the 'bully breed's' 'bad' image was published on November 20, 2012. Steve-O has been quoted referring to them as 'rabid'. Advocates in the animal loving community have been working hard to erase this false image which is mainly portrayed through the media.

Link to video: 

"The issue is that many of us have Pits (or other large breeds) and they are extremely loyal amazing animals. There are people out there whos main goal in life is to feed into the fear that people may have of these breeds and they have been responsible for getting BSL passed and now in some places family pets are being rounded up from their homes and put to sleep. All because of stunts like this that feed a very very negative stereotype. Check out this website of this nutjob who was 'attacked' by a pit. Well if you research it you will find conflicting stories of what really happened. Most likely she startled the dog while running up behind it and it pounced on her, but she turned it into this whole sadistic attack from a vicious Pitbull that was put to sleep. Now its her mission to ban pitbulls everywhere.

This show and shows like it make it even harder form those of us who are responsible dog owners of good loving responsible dogs to show that not all dogs are killers. the lasting image is of dogs attacking regardless if it was a stunt or not.

The image sticks.

[The above quoted from: 
DjTony Christie]

We are asking you to remove this video falsely portraying them as 'rabid and vicious', there are many innocent dogs paying the price daily from this mentality you are helping to portray.

In summary:
On the show, Steve-o referred to the pit bulls as rabid, adding to the 'bad pit bull image' the public media loves to portray. Us animal welfare advocates are working hard to change the image of the bully breed so they are stopped from being destroyed....and the show is NOT helping our work by portraying them as rabid. This has nothing to do with the health of the dogs we see on the show, and it is obvious those dogs were not going to hurt the man, actually, it was kinda cute because it looked like man and dogs were having is the IMAGE being portrayed to the PUBLIC who do not know better.
In Example:
People see some one walking a bully dog down the street, freak out just because of how they look and cross the street. The image is ADDING to the discrimination....and those type people who discriminate are the ones how help the bsl laws come into place and thousands of innecent dogs die. 

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