Tell PETA Pit Bulls are Pets Too!

  • by: Desirae Landon
  • target: People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals

Before I learned about how PETA actually felt about all animals I fully supported them. Then while doing my thesis on BSL, I learned the truth about PETA, they did not care about all animals just the ones that were "physically" appealing to the public and they have even come out with a statement "Pit bulls are the most cruelly treated of all dog breeds... therefore putting them to sleep is much kinder than the fates they would have faced..."

I was raised growing up to love and respect all animals, regardless of breed, gender, and how they look, and when I learned of PETA, a group of people who loved animals as much as I did I was so excited to feel welcomed into a group of people. Then I began getting more and more into the Animal Planet show "Pit Bulls and Parolees" and despite being raised to love all animals that stigma of pit bulls being a terrifying animal always hung over my head. I avoided them on the streets but when I began to better understand the tadpole like stocky little dogs my heart opened up to them, and soon I was constantly browsing adoption sites for one. The ugly side of society reared its head the more I searched about pit bulls, images of pit bulls stacked on top of each other... Dead. My heart was broken, and I could not tell you how many times I sat there, shocked at the cruelty that people were capable of. My senior thesis came and of course I covered BSL or Breed Specific Legislation or bans on dogs based solely by breed. But something completely shocked and taken back when I read about PETA's stance on pit bulls, that they should all be put to sleep, that they are monsters who could "throw people around like bags of potatoes" (their quote not mine) PETA lost all of my respect, and I continued to advocate my breed, a breed that I invested hours of my time into. A breed that no one understood. I lost all of my faith in PETA and began fighting tooth and nail to advocate for them. When I was finally getting on my feet, and got my own place I had to fight even more, because I had met Jasmine (Jazzy) a small, greyish blue Staffordshire Terrier at my local humane society and from the moment I saw her, her body a skeleton with skin stretched over her and scars all over her face. I saw a beautiful dog, a gentle spirit who was abused beyond compare. She was left for days in a house with 4 other starving dogs. I had a battle with my renters insurance, and finally, my mom's insurance agent (who had bred pit bulls for years) was able to get me an insurance company that would cover her and I brought the skinny terrified dog home. Now, it's safe to say she will never have a worry in the world she's plump, happy and very spoiled, and despite what she has been through she's been an avocate for her breed, stealing everyone's hearts who meet her. Tell me now PETA how my loving, well cared for, making me change my carefree ways to become a worrying mother, and plump pit bull Jazzy is a MONSTER? She's not, and not all pit bulls are, and PETA should follow its own rules and statement and ethnically treat ALL animals the same, including pit bull type dogs.

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