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I think us being on a verge of another lockout is just ridiculous. I know I speak for a lot of fans when I say the NHL will lose fans if they go into another lockout.

This Petition is being started to force the NHL to replace Gary Bettman. He doesn’t care about the sport of hockey or the fans. He’s trying to destroy the NHL, and has been for many years. The negotiation regarding the new CBA between the NHL and the NHLPA is his newest way to try and destroy the game. The offers he has given back to the NHLPA were complete and pure greediness for himself and didn`t come close to what the NHLPA originally offered. Bettman is greedy and has all the greedy owners telling him what to do. Bettman stated “we believe we are paying out more then we should be, and its simple as that.” I myself don’t see a point to all of this. Why do they need fixed their financials by so much when they’ve been making $3.3 billion US per year. Before the first lockout, they only made $2.2 Billion. That’s just greedy.

They want to players to sign a deal that would of took them from 57% to 43%. That’s 14% cut from the players’ salaries. Each percentage has been said to be worth $33 million. That a total of $462 million given to the NHL and the owners. That’s just money in Gary Bettman’s pocket. To me it doesn’t make sense. How is it fair for the NHL to take money away from players that signed contracts and were agreed on by the owners. The players are the ones who are bringing in the revenue. They are the product to the company called the NHL. I don’t see how the NHL can take away money from the players when they only have a job because of them. It makes no sense. This must stop! If you love the game of hockey and you won`t want it to change, then. Please Sign the Petition

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