Help Animals from County Shelters Get Adopted!

  • by: Erik Sigala
  • recipient: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Here in Los Angeles and across the country, Animal Welfare has become a critical issue as countless animals are homeless, abandoned by their owners, and left to survive on their own. County Shelters take in hundreds of animals every month, and overcrowding has limited them to only a 10 day-stay period until they get adopted. If on the 11th day they still are not adopted, shelters are forced to euthanize the animals. County Employees are extremely understaffed and they do not reach out to the public for adoption in any way, so it is up to passionate volunteers and determined rescue groups to go out of their way to try to find loving homes for each animal in an extremely short amount of time. In every kennel, there is a cat or dog that is just drying for someone to adopt them, and if anybody ever experiences first-hand how it feels to be with the animals in the shelter, you will feel no different than I do and you will soon find yourself getting attached, one way or another.

In my English class, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in a day of service to the community, and what better way to give back and help than to volunteer at my local animal shelter. At the shelter, every other Saturday, volunteers get together and organize to try their best to get as many animals adopted through online websites and social media, by the means of having a full blown photo shoot and playful video. Everybody dedicates their day to helping out the desperate animals in need by listing them up for adoption on the internet. By getting them online, we can quickly find a caring home at much quicker rate and reduce their chances of euthanasia.

No person or any type of animal should be given 10 days to live, regardless of age or medical history. What I’m hoping this petition accomplishes is that it greatly influences the mayor and city positively, so that they keep it in their thoughts and hopefully alleviate this urging issue. I believe the most effective way they can help is through any amount of funding that can go towards positions that are sole in charge of promoting adoption through several methods. Asking to change the 10 day policy would still not help because facilities will be facing the same amount of overcrowding, if not more. Funding will not only help the animals, but it will very beneficial to the youth and passionate adults with employment that has the ability to make a great positive difference.

Hopefully this petition can succeed in one way or another so that our community and animals can have a long lasting positive impact. 


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